Robinson Buys Coaxial Drone Maker


May 21, 2006
Santa Clarita, CA


Robinson Buys Coaxial Drone Maker
By Russ Niles - Published: April 24, 2024
Updated:April 25, 20244

Robinson Buys Coaxial Drone Maker

Robinson Helicopters is expanding and diversifying with the acquisition of Ascent Aerosystems, a maker of coaxial drones used in industrial, public safety and defense applications. Ascent, based in Wilmington, Massachusetts, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Robinson, which makes its popular line of light helicopters in Torrance, California. In a news release, Robinson said the acquisition will enhance the company’s product lines, which will include crewed and uncrewed innovations.

“This strategic acquisition is in line with our vision to broaden our offerings and meet increasing local demand for enhanced mission capabilities in law enforcement, public safety, firefighting and defense,” said Robinson CEO David Smith. Ascent’s flagship product is the Spirit, “a compact modular, rugged, all-weather platform engineered to operate reliably in the most challenging environments, including high wind, heavy rain, sleet, snow and blowing sand.”

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