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  • Glad to know you are restoring the Rotormouse, Don. I am finally in a position to seriously consider one of your kits (or the Rotormouse itself if you no longer have any kits). Not having heard much for a long time and (I think I remember) something about a flood at your workshop, I didn't know whether a Rotormouse was a viable option. I find using the Rotary Forum to be a bit tedious and I don't know who all has visibility into our correspondence. Can I ask you to email me directly at [email protected]? I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks. Brent
    I've wanted to chat with you for some time, Don. I left a message at 909.279.5678 but do not know if that number is yours. The message was to ask whether you still have your Rotormouse prototype and any kits. Since it uses the running gear from a R22, I consider it the best choice for a single place helicopter (not withstanding the challenge of finding a Garrett AirResearch 36-55-C turbine and a set of Rotordyne QH-50 blades). A direct reply to my email would be appreciated. Thanks. Brent [email protected]
    1, underslung rotor hub too flexible in plane causing rotor weave, at low collective the pylon whirl will show up causing structural damage a flaw that was never fix even with Pops first design, 2, too heavy all over and not in the right places, T/R gear box attach plate not triangulated, tail stabilizer known to crack and leave the aircraft, T/R blade and main rotor grip spindles not radius or shot peened in high stress areas, M/R mast solid too heavy and adds to vibration, 3 landing gear too stiff does not absorb impact, fuel tanks burst on hard landings or stabbed by rotating flight controls, 4 vibration problems never solved and the companies new owners just added more weight. Main gear box bearings known to come apart damaging gear sets, fan known to sling blades, 5 fly-bar system not required -
    a lot of other changes offed to Mr. sweet before Safari company was sold to the guys in Florida. they fixed nothing, just added more meat...
    I have a friend that is considering a Safari Helicopter. I am trying to talk him out of getting one. He seems to think the latest incarnation makes up for all the shortcomings of previous models. I seem to recall you had some very salient points against the design - could you please message me with your critic so I can talk some sense into him ?
    thanks a lot for your help,
    At the first in the design in this helicopter (206), why designer put the tail gearbox higher level than the freewheeling output shaft?
    excuse me for bothering you,
    have a good time,
    may i have your brothers email adress id like to contact him regarding some parts he bought after the brock closed down thank you jan you can send it bto my email if you want [email protected] thank you
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