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  • You can reach Garth
    through the Facebook page PRA chaprter 34
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    contact Garth at 317-501-6195
    Send me your number so he can recognize your number when you call, he doesn't answer most calls. He doesn't have voice mail or text.
    Okaneco, Garth has emailed me the information on the build Log. Kind thanks for your help.
    You are welcome
    Gidday Leigh,
    I will be going to the UK july, if you would like to catch up again. Have become a good friend of Mike King. He and Trish have brought a property near me.
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    Hello Leigh,
    I'm new to this board and was wondering if you have sold your Hornet?
    Have you been parting it out?
    Is it still in Florida?
    Feel free to contact me here or preferably on my email address [email protected]
    Thank you and I hope that your health has improved..
    Victor Price
    Memphis, TN/North Mississippi
    I would be happy to give you my cellphone number as well.
    I'll have a look for it Graem which one did you want? The basic one that was about what to expect in basic training, or balancing?
    I'll see if I can send you both.
    Gidday Leigh,
    back home and sort of getting back into routine. The weather has been terible, about the same as London, but a few degrees colder. Ive looked everywhere for your training program. Could you email me a copy.
    Moving the teeter bolt position in relation to the center of lift of the blades or cone set, and you will get shake. One way to find out if your cone set is causing blade shake is to load and unload the rotors. This moves the COL or centre of lift above and below the teeter bolt. If it shakes more in the high g situation, the teeter bolt is too high. If it smooths out under high g's, the teeter bolt is too low. Holding the machine in a constant high g approximates straight and level because it gives the blades time to catch up and straighten out to normal. It is the response in the stick as one loads and unloads the blades and they are spinning up or down that gives you the information you need to know.
    Hi causing vertical Shake accelerting Gyro rotor blade can you Explain please
    Then do so on the thread Tom, not here where no one can see it. Posting your support here is great but it fails to return the thread to the top of the list or to encourage discussion.
    Hi Darren it has been extremely disappointing but I will not make Bensen days. A combination of health and family issues. I had really looked forward to my fourth Bensen Days and meeting many old friends and of course making new ones. Hope that your new craft is coming together well and that you are making good progress. Have a great time. Cheers,

    I had long been a proponent that said the CG must be forward of the RTV. But, the data ( flight test and accident) has proven even that simple hypothesis to be wrong. I don't know all the detailed technical reasons, but I suspect one comment by Doug R. has a bit of a finger on it - Dynamic damping removes energy from the system.

    But, for me to open conversation on this would bring real condemnation from the flat earth society here. I just don't have the energy or time myself any more for that.

    Thanks, Greg

    I still do believe that there is much we don't know about gyroplane stability and PPO, PIO, etc. The main one being the contribution that dynamic pitch damping has on static stability. Even the definition of DYNAMIC is not expressed accurately by the experts on these forums. Dynamic damping is not just limited to reducing oscillatons of a statically stable system. Dynamic damping also applies to simple, one-direction movement, such as a buntover. Dynamic damping takes the energy out of any movement, and if adequate, can make an otherwise statically unstable system, staticlly stable in the end.

    Thanks, Greg
    Hi Leigh,

    Thank you for the resonse to Giorgos. Those are details I would not know either, so thanks from me also.

    As I said in my post, I do not intend to engage with people that seem to mostly want to find fault.

    I have seen the full test report on the M24, but that was sent to me confidentially by Magni so I'm not at liberty to distribute it. If this report is available publicly, I do think it might be good to provide a link on the forum. I do think, however, there are results in these flight tests that the skeptics will find fault with - even if they are done by real professionals.

    Thanks again, Greg
    Hello Leigh,

    I am not comfortable flying over water.

    It is ever changing so it keeps it interesting.

    It sounds like a great adventure.

    How far is it?

    Thank you, Vance
    Are you still 100% invested in gold Leigh? Being 100% invested in anything seems pretty risky to me, especially since there are many things that are outside of anybody's control or predictibility that can cause wild fluctuations in price. I'm seeing signs of a strengthening dollar, bad for gold.
    Thanks very much Dan, do let Stu know when you will be likely to need them as he will only be able to go down to Zephyrhills every other weekend now. Everything will probably really slow down now as it is a bit of a drive to get down there.

    Saw on the Gyro bee they had a 10 degree angle between the head mounting holes and the mast mounting holes. Your plates seem to have none meaning the head will be parallel to the ground and 90 degrees to the mast, is that correct?

    I was told possibly .190
    take your time with the plates I will not need them for a while any way. should go with some .250 plates for your head. or .187.
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