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  • Dear okikuma
    Newly completed Little Wing 5 in Grass Valley. I'm no electrical guy. I don' t understand your electrical diagram.
    The second lighter line wire shown coming from the starter, is this a completely separate positive line coming from the Starter and going to the positive terminal of the battery?
    I have included a diagram of my Pre Rotation circuit. I have not tested without a fuse, or in my case a circuit breaker, because I am afraid of reaching a high enough amperage to fuse the heavy duty solenoid in the closed position, very bad. This morning I hand propped the rotor blades and pulsed the panel mounted solenoid switch in one second bursts of starter torque, the rotor blades got up to about 50 RRPM and I guess I left the secondary switch on to long and I blew the 300amp circuit breaker, in two test runs.

    Is there any type of resistor or capacitor I can put inline to fix this to dampen the initial amperage spike? What size resistor wire or component?

    Here is a diagram of what I currently have wired up.

    Brad H
    How are you progressing with your J-2 project? I am out of luck finding original MR blades.
    I checked with "04 Marine" on PDF drawings for J-2 gyro, but unfortunately his PC crashed and he have to make a new copies. Though he told me that you may still have one copy. Will you share it with me?
    I enjoy your posts and find great interest in your knowledge of all aspects of the sport. Keep up the good work and hope all is well with you and your family.
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