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Mr Brian, you still tinkering with heli's? I took a couple of years break, have dusted my project off during the holidays, ready to get going again.

Cheers, Francois
Hi Alex. I am looking for a new rotor for my older 914 MTO Sport with Type 1 head/tower.
One of us have bought a Rotor-Tech rotor. And I am contemplating the Gyro-Tech.
You wrote: "One more is Gyrotech/RotorTech companies (Poland) splitted recently."
Do you have more info and history for a curious person.
Thank you for helping with the prop. My Aero Prop is nice and it was even cheap.
Hi Arthur
‘I am impressed with the Nano..quality, fit and finish are excellent! I like the Polini even though it’s only 38 hp. I’m 200# and it flies me OK. Does everything like an ultralight does....45-50 mph

The rotor is smooth and machine handles well for an ultralight....most ultralights don’t handle as well as their heavier counterparts.
My next gyro fly in is May 14-16..come on up.
Hi bryan, was just wondering if you got your mini 500 completly figured out ,i have been following all your posts ,I am on my second mini 500 project now and have many upgrades from mh-1 and you Thanks