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Hi Eric.
I would really appreciate a copy of the Bensen Training Manual PDF.
Mostly academic, as I'll soon be training in my own MTO Sport.
But surely there must be something to learn from reading it.
With the weather we have had this year, I have even considered building
my Gyrobee as a glider and teather it to get the feel of rotor handling....
[email protected]
Hi Brian, Would you happen to know the angles of movement fore/aft and laterally of the Mini 500 joystick?
I'll measure today and let you know. My parking spot is not totally level so all I can give you is total travel degrees.
Hi Brian, sounds good. Thanks a million!
Good afternoon Curtis, I will be driving a rental car to Mentone. If you can find someone who will allow us to fly their gyroplane I can give you training although we will head off to Fulton County airport seven miles to the south west. My insurance does not cover their aircraft and it is not unusual for training exercises to be a little hard on a gyroplane. I am also happy to give ground instruction.
All_In, I'm into Powered Parachutes. Everyone I've talked to at the field, not only Powered Parachutes but also Powered Paragliders have said they want one. When this comes out, I think you're going to have a LOT of customers on your hands. Please keep the website up to date on what's happening. Everyone at the field keeps asking. Thank you Sir.