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Mr. Beaty,
If you would be kind enough to send both manuals I will get them in digital format and share. Please feel free to insure them as well as proof of delivery. I will be happy to reimburse you when I send them back.

Alicia and Ben Lane
211 Maple st.
Salem, Ky. 42078
Welder for me this is a two part test. First to see if the post is private and not showing in the profile posts section and second to ask if you have downloaded JonSu's cad drawings. I tried but failed to convert them and I am not familiar with CAD programs anyway but if you have them I might ask a couple of questions on dimensions to see if I have scaled them anywhere close to the drawings.
On your CLS447, I have a AC447 and would like to know if you recommend different props and if so what size/pitch. I have been using an ultraprop 4 blade with 12 degree pitch and also a tennessee wood 2 blade 60x34r. Just trying to squeeze every ounce of hp on my 447 engine.