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Never assume another individuals liability - Aviation is an exercise in risk assessment & NOTHING is SAFE

47 years ago my dad showed us kids an old film of a bunch of guys and my dad in an old Steward Davis Jet Packet having a ball.

"See those guys? Half of them are dead" I've laid to rest old bosses and friends who did nothing close to hazardous or illegal.

That's what aviation is, a risk
Hi Terry on your Dominator, are you comfortable with welding ? And have you made firm decision on the
power plant? gyro's generally are built around the engine choice, with weldments makes it difficult to change your mind
once you start the build. I can get laser cut parts based on the 500 series Rotax. and caster front gear.
Hi John:

From all the talk on the forums, I am thinking the PRA site is still in work and logins are disabled for now.
I have tried to log in using my member number, and password, but I am getting nowhere.
If global web support is you, then you must be very busy and I should be more patient.

I am concerned that I may have done something wrong and have been banned.

Curtis Scholl
PRA 43249
I just saw this. Thank you for telling me.
I've set your account to active for now.
We are in the twilight zone running 3 databases at the same time to create a new website from one of them eventually.
I will need to search for the last payment from a 4th independent financial house database and let you know.
Oh ouch....Shades of Rod Serling....
I hope it gets better for you soon.

Curtis Scholl
Hi John, same here