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Chris, how much are you seeking for the "30ft sportcopter rotor ...as new ( under 10 hours balancing / hopping!)"
Rotorhead available, too?
Is the Subaru engine available (more info?), too?
yes, rotor head available, engine & reduction gearbox,ivoprop ...all available .... although until my new hangar on farm is built ( Complete & moved after Jan 2020)...I will not have the ability to part-out the heavier components! I'm contacting Sportcopter to get an estimate rotor value! ...will get back on a price!
Todd, the new software and setup looks really nice and seems to work well, including the "new posts" function, which didn't seem to work at all before. I wish you the best in the unenviable job of keeping things civil. One day I may be able to help moderate, if that's a need. - Paul