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Bonjour Jean, je suis sur Toulouse et je cherche à rentrer en contact avec vous car je viens d'acquérir un Dominator de chez RFD. Mes coordonnées sont 0673164735 et mon mail : [email protected]

Encore merci par avance de votre aide,

Hi Geoff. I’m purchasing a new still in the box kit with a 2.2 fi and will start building soon. Might be able to use this for spare parts if it’s still available and a decent price.
Hi there, are you flying out of Hamburg? Tom from Brighton here.
Hi Tom. No, I moved to Florida last year. I just haven't changed my profile on the forum yet.
I kept my gyro at OZW for about 3 years. Sorry I didn't run into you when I was there.
Do you still have the Dominator? Where do you keep it?
Gyro Tom
Still in cfi training. Live in Michigan, might cfi in TN or FL around Tampa. So far would fly out of Brighton. Have a nice travailing trailer for it