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The more I think about the Fuel-Flow Totalizer idea the more I like it. First, where can I get this information? It would be worth waiting until next year to purchase one. Since I'm having my cylinder gas tank made do you know what modifications I might need on the gas tank for the Fuel-Flow Totalizer? I appreciate the information. [email protected] Thanks again, Ernie
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Actually I'm debugging the Fuel Flow Totalizer program for the students now, and taking a break. We will be testing it this week and will share it here too.
Good Day John. Thank you most kindly for reaching out. We will start working on a press release and contact you soonest. We are just sorting out the Corona challenge currently. I am most appreciative of you making contact. Have a magical day.
Kindest Regards
Braam Hechter ([email protected])
Wagtail Aviation South Africa (www.wagtail.co.za)
Hi Coyotekyk;
I saw your throttle/brake assembly for your M16.
I'd be interested in having one (or two) made for my M16 trainer. Would that be possible?
[email protected]
Hi. Take a look at your email. You have the stl files there.