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Howdy Rhoadsrunner, wondering if this is you Kevin? & if so did you sell the pittbull Gyro on the barry ... which is now listed in the for sale section here? Thanks & regards Dave
Welcome to the forum. My name is Steve Greenwell. I would refer you to Mark Sprigg. He is a Magni dealer and trains out of Jack Edwards at Orange Beach. He is selling more gyros than any other dealer in the world I believe and is training 8 hrs a day lately. He actually needs another CFI. Search Gulf Coast Magni. If you haven't flown a Magni, Mark would be happy to show you.
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You are rightly concerned about the insurance cost. Many fly without it. Its one thing to fly in open rural areas its entirely a different risk environment to fly over congested areas or heavily wooded mountainous areas. Mark actually was meeting today with one of only 3 brokers who write ins. on gyros. There is an effort to establish a stronger training protocol the ins cos. can get behind.
Hard to believe folks would invest in these aircraft and then have insurance.
Before the "Euro designs" ushered in the current state of Gyros this tiny corner of aviation attracted the low budget do-it-yourself pilots. There are some masterful builders and enthusiasts within the ranks but unfortunately budget mindedness still lingers on. However the performance and styling are certainly attracting a newer type of owner. But the training does need further evolution.
Are you selling MGL instruments? What is the price on an E-1 engine monitor?
Electronic parts are taking longer to get parts, for my college sponsored electronic projects and for MGL they have emailed me telling us it may take longer than normal for out of stock orders.
John, I have the infinity E-3 engine monitor. I was thinking of upgrading to one of the new color instruments. The Vega EMS-1 would drop in if the electrical pinouts are the same, and it used the same sensors. Rewiring wouldn't really be that difficult as it would just be cut and splice. The Blaze EMS-2 would have a bigger display for my old eyes. I'd have to redo my panel though.
Hi Eric.
I would really appreciate a copy of the Bensen Training Manual PDF.
Mostly academic, as I'll soon be training in my own MTO Sport.
But surely there must be something to learn from reading it.
With the weather we have had this year, I have even considered building
my Gyrobee as a glider and teather it to get the feel of rotor handling....
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