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I had hoped to make it for spring, but not going to happen. Life gets in the way again. Really disappointed too, as I was going to bring some 120 proof bourbon for you knock back and also some cigars. Will plan on the fall. This is Stan Dare from Saint Louis. Let me know the fall dates please.
I will be in Kerrville july 25 2022 , if all go's right ,,, and the price of gas don't get to much higher !! phone #256 608 0806
Sounds good, my number is 830 285-2552.

Commercial pilot: Helicopter, Airplane SEL & S, MEL • Instrument: Airplane & Helicopter • CFI: Airplane SEL, MEL, Instr
Chris, I will try to reach you on FB to see more of your Dominator control upgrades. Thanks, Phil