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French, I am 56 years old, in 2008 I started the restoration of first single place "Guepard AX02" a design of the end of the 80s. In 2018 i acquired a second gyrocopter,a two-seater, also designed by another illustrious character from south west france, Michel DELUC.
I have never crossed the Atlantic except in dreams, and now a little more with you on the forum, thank you in advance for your welcome.
Hi Chuck can you send me a private message with your contact info?
Thanks Chris Buchanan
currently still flying my 2016 Cavalon now with 938 hrs. in the last 4 years
I may be looking to sell my Cavalon and possibly move up to the certified 915 version if anyone is interested let me know. This machine is in good condition and never been used as a trainer. I have put all the time on it with the exception of a couple hrs flown with the original instructor at Baybridge.