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  • howdy airone I bought a bakeng deuce and so clint martindales pitbull is forsale again i posted an ad on here so let anyone know if they are interested in a pitbull
    Hey Airone do you have many hours flying a pitbull and do you still fly? If so I would like to call you and chat someday.
    Also I got to thinking about the manual. I have the assembly manual are there any other manuals that go with it?
    Operating and maintenance information would be great the information in the one I have isn't very helpful.
    Hi John, I can't wait to do the next phase (the composites). It hasn't cost much to get it as far as I have, not counting the F ups. I have been able to do 100% of the fabrication so far, but I think it could get expensive if you had to farm that work out.

    Jeremy D
    Hi John,

    I fly the Magni that is based south of St. Joe by Atchison , KS. We will have a 2nd Magni owner soon in the area. The kit will hit the ocean tomorrow. Home town for the build will be Lansing, KS. This Magni will owned by 3 individuals. Sounds like we are starting to get a little rotor force in the area. I fly a lot (433 hrs in two years). I fly to Gardner, Roosterville & Lees Summit all in and around KC. Contact me anytime. I use heated clothing and fly all season. My email is [email protected]
    It's suppose to be in the 60's Sunday so I will fly somewhere.

    Part 3 of 3: With the shipping and bank charges to send him the money to his bank, and the price of the gearbox, it came to about $1,200, and that is for a gearbox that it's gears are twice as beefy as Rotax's, and you have a GB that the manufacturer has built specifically to put on aircraft, gyros, or planes.

    Unlike Rotax, he doesn't care what engine you use it on, as long as it is less than 160 hp.

    Neil told me that his GBs are being used by many of the gyro guys in NZ as well as Australia. He is having difficulties keeping any in stock because they are going out the door as fast as he can make them.

    I still have my rotary engines project on the back burner, and plan to develop them possibly using Neil's GBs. But, the fuel/oil consumption for those air-cooled engines would be higher than the Yamaha Genesis! So that is why I scraped up the $$ to get one!
    Part 2 of 3: Someone had hit some rocks or a stump just under the snow with the sled and tore up the undercarriage, leaving the engine in pristine condition. Racer told me these details in a phone conversation.

    He gave Ron a great price on that engine, in order to get it out there for others to see it on the east coast.

    I also paid $1,800 for Racer's cage that wraps around the engine to attach the gearbox to the output shaft and to clamp onto the mast to help push all that power forward. He has said he cannot keep selling his custom cage at that price, as he is making very little for his time to do so.

    The gearbox is the Universal one of Neil Hintz's (Autoflight), in New Zealand. He makes two for Subaru engines, and the Universal one. They are actually cheaper than the Rotax "C" gearboxes (due to the exchange rate being so favorable now between their dollar and the US dollar.
    (Part 1 of 3 because of forum limit to 1,000 characters): Clint asked me why I wanted 120 horses for a single place. I replied that it wasn't the hp, but the fact of an engine just barely working hard (maybe using only 70-80 hp of the total) 1. should basically last forever 2. would get great gas mileage, and the savings over the fuel and oil consumption of a two stroke would PAY FOR THE ENGINE!
    3. With all that reserve power, I could go farther by carrying extra fuel tanks, not having to worry about finding fuel as much.

    This engine that I purchased from Racer was for $2,500. It had some 8,000 miles on it from the sled, just like Racer's on his Air Command. Because Yamaha says the first maintenance is at 20,000 miles, and that is a valve adjustment, it sounds like great alternate to Rotax's two stroke, and to their four stroke 912/914 engines.

    Ron Awad's Genesis was around $3,500, and that was for an engine that only had about 275 miles on it.
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