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  • howdy airone my pitbull is complete and was built by a man who worked for vancraft for 20 years and had built 4 pitbulls and was flying mine but had to quit because of heart problems and old age it might be forsale if your interested i have not flown it but the rotax 503 dcdi has 14 hrs since new and runs like a watch, i would like to fly it but cant find anyone to get gyro instruction from thanks john
    I got a friends pitbull up about a foot but havent flown in some time
    I have seen John VanVoorhees fly his and it is rock stable.
    I dont think John did any other manuals, I do have Rotax manuals on a CD if you need some.
    Im getting a new phone this week so feel free to call me next week at 541-408-8936
    I do have the original but its leaves a lot to be desired. Not a lot of extra information in it barely enough for someone inexperianced like me to do assemble.
    Good Morning Kelly
    do you have a copy of the assembly manual ?
    I was rebuilding a Pitbull 3 yrs ago before moving to Kansas City.
    I am back in Bend, Or. now and looking at maybe getting another pitbull.
    Your gyro is looking good.

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