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  • Hi 79 and everybody,
    does anybody know anything about Hornet Rotor/rotor head/rotor head
    attachment to mast, and anything else relevant, I have release 14 Hornet Drgs,
    but cant find anything about Rotor.
    thanks John Foley UK
    Hey Jeremy, thanks...good to here from you again. The trim came with the wind screen from Rotor Flight Dynamics-Ernie Boyette (813-634-3370). He could provide it or point you in the right direction. I'm sure it is just a standard vinyl implement available through automotive suppliers or you could check with Aircraft Spruce or Leading Edge Airfoil for their offerings. Try to find an adhesive that deals with summer sun and heat. My only problem has been the adhesive leaching out of the seam, on occasion. Good luck and keep the faith...you'll be flying your own machine in no time. It was this time last year I was just starting ground school and formal flight training.
    Thanks Jeremy. Much prettier without the smoke...alot like New Zealand when I was down there hunting. Blasting.......uhhhh, I didn't think about that. That would of made it an early laundry day or worse. Actually I watch for the active equipment and personel. Cheers my friend.

    How's the build coming? Hey i saw your prop post. I found out most of what I know now from the owner at Arrow props which is where I got my 2 blade 62" wooden prop.
    Nice and light and more efficient for pushing my belt redrive on my Hornet. I'm using a 503 Rotax. Still working out the Hornet's Nest club idea....not real up with running websites and have avoided it even though I have 30 yrs experience in the Computer Industry. Drop me a line sometime. What do you think of robonipsy's Hornet build?

    c-ya! Darren ....Hornet Flyer
    Jeremy, I've received a little more than 10 hours of flight training from Chris Burgess, who trains in Frederick, Maryland. I go down for training in 2 day blocks, although the weather does not alway cooperate. Chris trains in a tandem Snowbird gyro. He does have a max student weight of 200 lbs. (Weight and balance restrictions on the front seat which you train from. My schedule allows me to go down to Frederick mid-week. Good luck with your training and project. Feel free to ask questions anytime.
    You have to send Don Shoebridge a request and he will add it for you
    Jeremy: I'm not flying these days, except now and then in a borrowed machine. My two gyros each need some work. Meanwhile, I've become heavily involved in sailing and sail instruction. That seems to take up all my time.

    Maybe at least the Gyrobee can get back into service this coming year...

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