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  • Harry,

    Did you build your aircommand? I am trying to find someone who can install my Air Command Tall tail and Horizontal Stab to my Gyro - or I might be interested in selling it to you for your Gyro - I paid $1200 from Air Command a few months ago...

    I am also selling a Anywhere Map Quadro GPS, MGL V10 Transceiver (new).
    Hi Harry, If you want the 27 ' Mcutchen blades for $500.00 O.K.= 2 12' blades and 5' hub bar
    also one short hub bar.
    Harry, took pics but lost your #.If still interested call me 3 sets blades and gyro for $4500.00
    cash 305 923 1777, Jim

    My CFI and I are about to pull the rudder and HS off my gyro to put the new Air Command Tall tail I purchase on it. If you are still needing a rudder and HS for your gyro for sale - let me know. Also, what did you originally sale my gyro to Jay for if I might ask? I might fix her up, and offer her for sale to opt for a two seater version. He added a bunch of upgrades: MGL Dash (I now barter with him for the previously installed MGL V10 Radio), Jet Black Paint Job - would you keep it that color or go for a brighter Red?; and some other stuff. Not sure of a approximate value I could get for it so I can trade or purchase up.

    Do you still have the KB4? When did it fly last? Does it have a flight cert.? Is that price firm?
    Hi Harry, RE Air command side by side I have a side by side air command photos of which are in my album but I live in Wales UK I am after any flying videos of one if you could help in any way Thanks Glyn
    Thanks. send me a picture please. May know someone interested. Harry
    PS Dis guard the message i left at work.
    has current airworthiness, clt, 265 hrs total, 40 since rebuilt, no extra parts, pictures on facebook Vickie Crane Brown profile---Ray Brown
    Hi...I was wondering if you had any more pictures or any better details on these gyroplanes that you are selling. I started taking lessons a few weeks ago and will be interested in purchasing one by next year.
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