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  • Sorry, I've already made a deal on another gyro project, all I need for parts now to finish it is rotor blades. It's a single seat and I did want a 2 seater. I wish you had made the offer before I bought it. My brother may be interested, he's looking to get into gyros. What's you best price and I will pass it on to him.
    3k. but I'm taking it to ROTR next week, I'll see what comes of it.
    Thanks for your concern. This may be a great forum for regulars, but this newbie doesn't feel welcome. My first post with an idea for a tail design was criticized without even understanding what was being proposed. I'm old, a senior engineer is a couple of disciplines, a machinist and a fabricator and no stranger to being criticized, but usually it is based in reality.

    So I have this idea to fix the steering nose wheel issue that gyros have, hence the name of my thread. But then after I typed it up, I reconsidered the treatment from the first post and tried to delete the post. But that is not apparently allowed by newbies, so I just deleted the text of the post. And even that had to be criticized. Maybe good fun among friends, but off putting for a newbie.

    I have been studying the Gyrobee and its derivatives off and on since about 1998, and have read most everything ever typed about one, but there must be a friendlier forum somewhere.

    Thanks again,

    Yes. Who do I make the check out to? And address. Thanks.
    Jerry 435-201-9888
    Hi Gman, if you are still interested in the controls and headplates for the Parsons stretch gyro
    the total is $250.00 let me know. Jim Waite
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