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Mr Brian, you still tinkering with heli's? I took a couple of years break, have dusted my project off during the holidays, ready to get going again.

Cheers, Francois
Hi Alex. I am looking for a new rotor for my older 914 MTO Sport with Type 1 head/tower.
One of us have bought a Rotor-Tech rotor. And I am contemplating the Gyro-Tech.
You wrote: "One more is Gyrotech/RotorTech companies (Poland) splitted recently."
Do you have more info and history for a curious person.
Thank you for helping with the prop. My Aero Prop is nice and it was even cheap.
Hi Arthur
‘I am impressed with the Nano..quality, fit and finish are excellent! I like the Polini even though it’s only 38 hp. I’m 200# and it flies me OK. Does everything like an ultralight does....45-50 mph

The rotor is smooth and machine handles well for an ultralight....most ultralights don’t handle as well as their heavier counterparts.
My next gyro fly in is May 14-16..come on up.
Hi bryan, was just wondering if you got your mini 500 completly figured out ,i have been following all your posts ,I am on my second mini 500 project now and have many upgrades from mh-1 and you Thanks
Pavegeno, You may want to contact Dayton Dabbs at Lonestar Magni Gyro in Taylor Texas. He is a Magni dealer, gyroCFI, DPE. He travels to Italy with and without clients every year to build Magnis at the factory. He can answer any Magni questions you may have. Ray
Never assume another individuals liability - Aviation is an exercise in risk assessment & NOTHING is SAFE

47 years ago my dad showed us kids an old film of a bunch of guys and my dad in an old Steward Davis Jet Packet having a ball.

"See those guys? Half of them are dead" I've laid to rest old bosses and friends who did nothing close to hazardous or illegal.

That's what aviation is, a risk
Hi Terry on your Dominator, are you comfortable with welding ? And have you made firm decision on the
power plant? gyro's generally are built around the engine choice, with weldments makes it difficult to change your mind
once you start the build. I can get laser cut parts based on the 500 series Rotax. and caster front gear.
Hi John:

From all the talk on the forums, I am thinking the PRA site is still in work and logins are disabled for now.
I have tried to log in using my member number, and password, but I am getting nowhere.
If global web support is you, then you must be very busy and I should be more patient.

I am concerned that I may have done something wrong and have been banned.

Curtis Scholl
PRA 43249
I just saw this. Thank you for telling me.
I've set your account to active for now.
We are in the twilight zone running 3 databases at the same time to create a new website from one of them eventually.
I will need to search for the last payment from a 4th independent financial house database and let you know.
Oh ouch....Shades of Rod Serling....
I hope it gets better for you soon.

Curtis Scholl
Hi John, same here
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Howdy Rhoadsrunner, wondering if this is you Kevin? & if so did you sell the pittbull Gyro on the barry ... which is now listed in the for sale section here? Thanks & regards Dave
Welcome to the forum. My name is Steve Greenwell. I would refer you to Mark Sprigg. He is a Magni dealer and trains out of Jack Edwards at Orange Beach. He is selling more gyros than any other dealer in the world I believe and is training 8 hrs a day lately. He actually needs another CFI. Search Gulf Coast Magni. If you haven't flown a Magni, Mark would be happy to show you.
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Hard to believe folks would invest in these aircraft and then have insurance.
Before the "Euro designs" ushered in the current state of Gyros this tiny corner of aviation attracted the low budget do-it-yourself pilots. There are some masterful builders and enthusiasts within the ranks but unfortunately budget mindedness still lingers on. However the performance and styling are certainly attracting a newer type of owner. But the training does need further evolution.
Steve, I flew with Mark last week and was very impressed. I even had him take my 13 year old son up and he loved it. We are going back Saturday to fly again and bringing my wife to fly. I've come off the hard stance of an FAA certified aircraft based on review of everything I could find on the M24. It's an impressive aircraft. BTW, I called for an insurance quote and am awaiting a reply.
Are you selling MGL instruments? What is the price on an E-1 engine monitor?
Electronic parts are taking longer to get parts, for my college sponsored electronic projects and for MGL they have emailed me telling us it may take longer than normal for out of stock orders.
John, I have the infinity E-3 engine monitor. I was thinking of upgrading to one of the new color instruments. The Vega EMS-1 would drop in if the electrical pinouts are the same, and it used the same sensors. Rewiring wouldn't really be that difficult as it would just be cut and splice. The Blaze EMS-2 would have a bigger display for my old eyes. I'd have to redo my panel though.
Hi Eric.
I would really appreciate a copy of the Bensen Training Manual PDF.
Mostly academic, as I'll soon be training in my own MTO Sport.
But surely there must be something to learn from reading it.
With the weather we have had this year, I have even considered building
my Gyrobee as a glider and teather it to get the feel of rotor handling....
[email protected]