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your good self ... je me pisse dessus de rire
Salut Jean Michel.

comment va tu ??
ce que tu fair rire??
Nous sommes maintenant à la recherche de notre nouvelle maison, donc pas beaucoup de temps pour mon autogire.

Une fois que nous aurons trouvé notre maison, j'aurai le temps de me consacrer à l'autogire et j'espère ensuite pouvoir vous rencontrer avec Charles et discuter et voir comment vous gérez vos autogires.


phil (de fer)
Hi Vince. I am on the hunt for a new gyro. Your Air Command is one of the gyros I am interested in. As you can probably appreciate, I don't like to play games. Thus, Rather than a bunch of time wasting negotiation, would you just let me know what you are expecting to get for it?
Larry, do you have a number I can reach you at? I have a couple of Gyro based question on an RAF, and I understand you are quite respected with these machines.
Hey Mike, Jay Boyce here, I live just over the Ma line in Barre Ma. You are probably one of the closest gyro guys to me. Were you part of the Yankee rotors crew? I would like to get in touch with Al and John, great guys. I'm building a gyro now and hopefully will be flying soon. Just saying hi
Unfortunately John has past away recently. The PRA chapter is no longer.
Al is flying a Searay and enjoying life and is working on his Aircommand Gyro with a Yamaha engine conversion. I am replacing my gyro engine (from MZ202 to a Weber 750 four stroke. I may try to get my biennial flight review at Crow Island, MA in 2020 if possible. I built my gyro from scratch and let me know if I can be of any help.
Mike, thanks for the update. Very sorry to hear about John, He was a great guy and a lot of fun to have around. I am at Crow island on weekends, hope to meet you there. I'm just finishing my current gyro project. I'm looking at the Yamaha RX1. Would love to compare notes.

Hello Doug, Jay Boyce here hope all is well with you, I haven't talked with you in a while. Quick question, when we were flying gyrobees I thought I used Aluminum for the cheek and keel plates, now after 10 or more years I read Ralph said to use Stainless. I know this was in a thread not too long ago. I'm rebuilding a Soma now and might make some new plates, What should I buy for metal

Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
Hello Jay.

I know this message was to Doug but I saw it on the home page and thought I'd respond since nobody hadn't yet. I posed the same question quite some time back and was told that in lieu of the 1/8" stainless I could substitute 3/16" 6061-T6, which is what I did with mine. A little late to the party but hope this helps.


Hello Brian, Thank You for the reply, This helps a lot. Just getting ready to order some aluminum. I was thinking of using double 1/8" plates for extra safety but I think 3/16 will be ok. Another quick question, Where can I send my rotorhead to have a prerotator gear and new bearings installed?

Thank You Much

Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
Hello Jay. Sorry I can't be more help on the rotorhead issue, as I have not gotten that far on my build yet. However the thicker plates will be more robust than doubling the thinner ones because, being all one piece, there's no separation between the inner and outer layers.
I have dominator unfinished project more than likely will never finish its roller engine mount is not entirely committed yet
your friends are right this is not easy project to start from scratch. roller frame, seat tank , pod , wooden tail from plans, head , hydraulic prerotator setup, and other extras if your interested
Howdy Craig.
I've started a small team (of 2 or 3) and we are embarking on the design/build route and I am really enjoying it.
Maybe if you are not asking much, I could be interested in your Dominator.
If possible, please send pictures and how much you would like for your project.
Thanks for reaching out, sorry I do not seem to notice these profile postings immediately.
Hello Scott, Jay Boyce here, It's been a long time. I need your help. I just bought a Soma frame from a guy who didn't know how to put it together. I know you had one and liked it. My question is, do you have any pictures or any diagram of how this thing is supposed to go to together or even what it is supposed to look like. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Brother
Hey Jay, Long time, I may have to dig up some old pictures, see what I can do.
Hello Mr. Dublin
Yes we met in Pueblo when you were on your way back home and I was on my way to fly my Sport Copter M912. I still have your card and would like to chat sometime with you if that is alright.
Tony Steffani
Pueblo, Co
I’d be great to talk. Ill be at Burning Man for the next two weeks with no phone, but let’s connect after Sept 5
I live in Massachusetts and have a fixed wing private pilots license (~900 Hours VFR Single Engine Land). I'm looking to expand my aviation experience and try Gyro flying.
Because you are a certificated pilot you don’t need to take the knowledge test and are only required to fly to proficiency in a gyroplane for two CFIs. This takes as long as it takes for you to be safe.
Where in MA? I am in NY, just over the border.
Hey John, it’s Nick from chapter 18. One of our members lives next to someone who works for a local news station in Indiana. He was interested in bringing press to the convention but said he needs a press release from the PRA to submit to his bosses for consideration. Could you provide that for me? Or tell me where to find it. My email is [email protected]

See you in a few days!!