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Hi Brent, Wayne McCall here, I know you are busy but I am just checking, I bought some raffle tickets back on May 30 but have not seen an email from you with the tickets. Please let me know that they are still to be issued. I am a PRA member also.

Can you PM me? I"m an Australian in Canada and
presently in the USA trying to get a helicopter addition to my FAA rating
as well as ad Gyroplane.. Do you have an OzGyro? [email protected]
Chris, how much are you seeking for the "30ft sportcopter rotor new ( under 10 hours balancing / hopping!)"
Rotorhead available, too?
Is the Subaru engine available (more info?), too?
yes, rotor head available, engine & reduction gearbox,ivoprop ...all available .... although until my new hangar on farm is built ( Complete & moved after Jan 2020)...I will not have the ability to part-out the heavier components! I'm contacting Sportcopter to get an estimate rotor value! ...will get back on a price!
Todd, the new software and setup looks really nice and seems to work well, including the "new posts" function, which didn't seem to work at all before. I wish you the best in the unenviable job of keeping things civil. One day I may be able to help moderate, if that's a need. - Paul
Hi Greg, I don't know if my posts beginning below on the Xenon mast may be helpful, but just in case:

The Xenon mast seems a bit fragile to me, so please inspect carefully.

Safe flying!
Greg Vos
Greg Vos
I always enjoy your posts and wonder why some guys become so negative towards them, even on our local thread in SA the information you post is worth the read .
Thanks, Greg, glad to read that.
Personality conflicts plus vested interest with certain popular brands seem to comprise much of the antagonism, IMO.
Oh, well.
Hola Arco. Espero que estés disfrutando el nuevo formato del foro. Cualquier duda o reporte de errores me puedes contactar. Saludos! Ivan
Si, lo acabo de ver esta mucho mejor Gracias
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Hi Dave. I was reading your post when you were making your Yamaha mount. Do you still have the cad files. Or could I get more pictures. I'm trying to build a dominator with a yg4. I'm concerned about vibration. Any experience you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Thank you for your efforts Todd, I love this place.
I tried to send you a private message and it says I am full up. I have not been successful at deleting them.
[email protected] is a good way to communicate with me.
Thank you, Vance
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Hi Vance,
Good to hear from you. Still enjoy reading your flying stories. Hopefully we can get this forum back up and thriving. I think we're on the right track.
just looked at the airgyro AG915. Very impressive. Copied the Xenon and improved the things that needed improving. If it flies well and has a nice stick feel I would think it one of the best options available. I really prefer a SxS.

Airgyro tells me that the kits for Celier, Argo, Trendak and Airgyro are all made by the same company in Poland. Then the different dealers give them their own names and make a few of their own modifications.

They are delivering one to a customer here in Utah in June. I hope to get a good look at it and maybe even a ride.
My Xenon is turbocharged and I just put the larger pistons in it bumping it from 120 to about 140 Hp. Only 1 flight since the upgrade so no report yet. I think the 915is is the way to go today, or some guys in Europe are doing the crank weld and larger pistons on a 915is which would be about the best you could do. My airport is at 7,500 in Colorado.

The Magni and Autogyro models fly similarly which is to say very stable, but it takes tons of force to hold and move the stick. I find them exhausting to fly. The Xenon is like flying a helicopter, I mostly just think about a turn and apply a bit of pressure. Straight and level it’s just my thumb and forefinger on the stick.

I flew an ELA in Europe and liked it reasonably well.

If I were buying today I definitely would try the AR1- Abid who owns the company is the most knowledgeable guy in the gyro biz. not flown one myself, but think highly of him. Unlike so many in the gyro world, he came from real aviation.

If you are interested in a Xenon, get the Trendak version. A bunch of politics there. Call me at 719-896-1298 if you have questions

Luggage space for me is two suitcaes each abot 20x14x7", but since I have short legs I have even more space behind my seat

Hi Rob,
You are definitely higher in altitude than me. I'm about 4,500 ft here in Logan Utah.

I know what you mean about stick force. I've had demo flights in the Cavalon which had a TON of stick shake and more stick force than I was expecting. I also flew in an M24 that I liked better but still had much higher stick forces than I expected.

I would be all over the AR-1 if my wife wasn't so set on SxS seating. I've read a lot of Abid's posts and emailed him a couple times. My wife is worried about getting air sick sitting in the back seat. I should get her up in a tandem so she can make an informed decision.
Vance who seems knowledgeable about gyro's mentioned in a post that if he were looking for a new ship it would be the AR-1 also.

I've read that Celier/Argo isn't the most stable company. Trendak seems to have a good reputation but doesn't have any dealers in the US that I know of. Airgyro used to be the Trendak dealer in the US. That's why I was looking at Airgyro and their AG915. It appears to be the same machine as the Tercel and Xenon but marketed by Airgyro here in the US.

Idaho.. I am attempting to get more information on your Raf you had posted for sale. Is it still for sale? Can you contact me as I am in negotiations on a sparrawhawk that is in Calf, you would be much closer. My number is 940-224- three eight 65
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