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Hello Aziz, I have just signed up to the forum because I saw you had a PB-4 Prop Balancer for sale.
Did you conclude the sale or is it still available?
Ron your message was cut off before I got your phone number call again
' Cycleflyer here , I had Steves phone number when I met him at this years Mentone , I was the guy pulling the KB3 behind my motorcycle .Will you send me hs phone number please ? steves number please
Joe Pires
Joe Pires
I just saw this, If its McGowan your looking for it is 478-451-1451
Long-time pilot (since 1978), but newbie to gyros (sport endorsement 8/1/22) and absolutely obsessed.
Greetings they are: H241R 7111818L
They are on an Air command 447 that was upgraded to a 503 and was flown regularly until last year.
what are the numbers stamped in the end of the brass of the blades. If it’s the the number beginning with the 7 it means they were made July of 2011 number 1818 and they have four inch weights in them.
Ok, thanks. They are newer than I thought they would be.
Have these been used on many other ACs?
Standard on Dominators and later model Air Commands Made by Doug Smith. Many one off’s. He supplied over 3000 sets of blades world wide including blades for the Mosquito helicopters. He was in business for over 30 years.
Hi, I own 2 Benson Gryocopters B8M, one is a gryoglider, the other has a McCulloch M90 engine. I have a Private ASEL Certificate at 600 hrs TT. I need to get some Gryocopters training.
355BZ Helicycle 32 hours
280 hours rotary, 2500 Fixed wing. Retired Columbia River Bar Pilot, Certified Seaplane, LTA, Rotary Wing.
Привет. У вас есть план для лезвий Bensen? И на каких условиях я могу их получить? Спасибо
Kind of a blast from the past fr you, I'd like to discuss the 3 cylinder Yamaha conversion you did for Gyro Ron.
I would be interested if you find out source for drawing.. I went different route I installed the folding mast from sportcoppter
with the urethane bushings..

thanks craig
Hello Joe,
I've typed several notes now and none will go through... saying keep it under 420 words (where there's only 100.. oy)
What's your thoughts on the Duo? Looking to get one.
Joe Pires
Joe Pires
Not sure what a duo is. If it's an aviomania gs2, which I fly a prototype of I am very pleased with my machine. Mine however is very different from the production model. My frame is much heavier. I fly 130 horse, I believe his standard is the 100hp rotax. My rotor, rotorhead, and prerotater are all by rotorflight dynamics. Still his product appears to be very well designed.
Have you figured out what engine you are putting on your Sportcopter yet?

I originally was all in for the 915iS but after hearing the reports that it isn't quite as robust as they thought it would be I am considering the Edge Performance EP912STI, the AM15T, and the Viking 195. My biggest concern is the extra weight of the Viking. It's almost 300 pounds. Just wanted to see if you'd decided yet?
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Thanks for the update. I’m just concerned about some of the negative things I’ve heard on the forums. I love the idea of 195hp though
I've been stalking the Zenith Aircraft builder forum. They are loving their Viking engines, but normally the 135 HP version. If I weren't buying a Sport Copter M2, I'd be buying a CH 750.
Keep me posted! I appreciate the info!
Very tough decision

Who doesn’t want more horsepower!

I’ve got a couple hundred hours in 915 Cavalons and with two people at sea level it’s not eye watering performance by any means

And that thing is 100 pounds lighter than the 1320 Jim is listing the M2 at.