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I have the Dominator assembly manual on a memory stick if you would like one please send me your address. This is the single seat manual. No charge.
Sorry, didn't see this earlier. I was looking in the PM messages. Yes, I'd love to have a copy, and digital is best. I'll also be happy to pay for the memory stick and postage.

Russell Duffy
288 Payne loop
Tellico Plains, TN 37385
Capt'n Gator
I will send it out Monday morning
Thanks. I've accumulated all the parts to build another Dominator, and have plans, so the manual is the last missing item.
BEEN building Dominator( single sit ), decided to power it with subaru ej 20 engine with direct drive for simplicity, then curved my own WOODEN propellers also, but managed to get 100kgs of thrust , at full throttle, my question to gyro brothers out there , ......can that thrust of (100kgs) fly gyro of ready to fly with weight of 330kg ???? my rotors are 27ft diameter ...
i am the pilot with 125kgs, pushing the gross weight of 330kgs with fuel, i mean ready to fly weight , do you have subaru ej 20 also on your gyro...... with thrust of 140kg ? what propeller is that. like what diametor ? can you send me pictures of your gyro at my e-mail [email protected], please ,.... may be i figure out what i need to do to get me airborne... thanks in advance
I have an HKS-700e. In my opinion, You're going to need a gear or belt reduction to have a shot at flight. I'd also look for 70+ inches of prop length. I think a ratio of 2.3 to 1 is in the ballpark. that would allow the engine to run at 5600 RPM for high output power and the prop to turn at ~2400 rpm. with a 72 or 74 inch prop you should get good thrust.
post a pic of your gyro, mine is very very light and may not be a good choice to emulate.
Brent I read your post about your soft start and I may have the missing paperwork for yours. Mine is the ESS (Electronic Soft Start) sold by HEECO out of Brooks, KY. I am very interested in the name of the tech that repairs yours for future reference. Richard Kennedy, 501-514-4842. I will text them to you if you want. Call me and let me know.
I'll try to get his email address for you.
Can someone give me Teddys number. He gave it to me when he was here but I lost it
can someone give me contact info ...and info on buying an aviomania gs2 ? any ideas on how to optomize while buying ? what wouldyou order if you were me ? lol options ? effis? thank you
I got a bensen gyrocopter i was wondering if you had any thing to help me learn to fly it just dont want a accident to happen
I have an Air Command for quick sale. Must move need room. Loaded, very, very low time, low rider, gray head 582, Owner passed away
Tommy Milton
Can you tell me more about the Air Command?
Bill B Tenn-man
Is it a two seater? How much to buy it?
The 503 silencer was shipped yesterday. The least cost was Fedex. UPS and USPS were several bucks more. Next message has links to the scans of the receipt,... one of the whole receipt and a cropped version emphasizing the tracking number.
hi ,if the engine is still up for sale could you please send few pictures to my cell phone ,i would like to see if its complete or if there is parts missing ,finding parts is like looking for needle in hay stack ,thank you Jan