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can someone give me contact info ...and info on buying an aviomania gs2 ? any ideas on how to optomize while buying ? what wouldyou order if you were me ? lol options ? effis? thank you
I got a bensen gyrocopter i was wondering if you had any thing to help me learn to fly it just dont want a accident to happen
I have an Air Command for quick sale. Must move need room. Loaded, very, very low time, low rider, gray head 582, Owner passed away
Tommy Milton
Can you tell me more about the Air Command?
The 503 silencer was shipped yesterday. The least cost was Fedex. UPS and USPS were several bucks more. Next message has links to the scans of the receipt,... one of the whole receipt and a cropped version emphasizing the tracking number.
hi ,if the engine is still up for sale could you please send few pictures to my cell phone ,i would like to see if its complete or if there is parts missing ,finding parts is like looking for needle in hay stack ,thank you Jan
Referencing a balancer... what is a good value one to use? It makes me angry to tolerate shake that is not necessary. I would pay for the service but I don’t think that’s even an option. Thank you for your post.
Mike G
Mike G
Geoff I'm biased because I did all the development and test flying for the PB3 & 4. I think it's the best bang for your buck, it's used by Magni, AutoGyro, ELA, Brako, Silverlight, Sportcopter, Trendak, Gyro Tech, The polish guys who make the Argon, Fraundorfer and I've heard some others have bought them but I've had no contact with them.

Mike G
Mike G
The important thing is support, if you think you'll need lots of hands on help then look at Dynavibe, it's more expensive but you might find a local rep near you who can help. With Smart Avionics you have me in France and Mark Burton in the UK so any help will be via Zoom or Skype and that can get clumsy.
Mike G
Mike G
I also do training, I plan to be in Florida this September/October and perhaps North Carolina. I have also done some training over the internet, it's a bit messy but works.
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Do you still have SparrowHawk? If yes, let's connect; I just completed SH1 and working on AWC. Looking for Wt & Balance to compare. Tx. Andrew Peters 610.416.8982 [email protected]
Good evening
I still have sparrow hawk
I’m at Oshkosh
Return home in around a week plz contact me then at 9312108387 mobile text
and I will look it up

I understand you are an instructor in gyroplanes. Would you consider a couple of hours of instruction for myself?
Will you be in attendance at the 2021 PRA Convention at all?

I am in Saline, Michigan.
[email protected]
French, I am 56 years old, in 2008 I started the restoration of first single place "Guepard AX02" a design of the end of the 80s. In 2018 i acquired a second gyrocopter,a two-seater, also designed by another illustrious character from south west france, Michel DELUC.
I have never crossed the Atlantic except in dreams, and now a little more with you on the forum, thank you in advance for your welcome.