ZEN1 structural tests


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The official tests of the 560kg ZEN1 before the first flight are nearing

AAT made stress tests under the supervision of ULC
(the Polish equivalent of Civil Aviation Authority) for a new certificate for ultralight gyro up to 560kg MTOW.


The beefed up mast and the beefed up landing gear I have mentioned
before are to be seen on the load tested machine.
It looks like all the former issues have been addressed.

The actual tested MTOW is 600 kg.

The load on the hook was 2100 kg. :)

The sticker says:

Hanging Attempt

MTOW - 600kg
Factor of safety 1,5 (mast)
Factor of safety 2 (bolt connection)
Mass of the structure - 115kg
Full load - 2100kg
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Not only looks good, but lots of important changes
regarding safety and handling.

Notice the completely new mast and rotor head, with new control lines.

More news soon. :)