You never know what you might see at your airport.


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Jul 16, 2007
Plains, GA
Kolb MarkIII and a "Jake" Gyroplane
Total Flight Time
About 85 fixed wing 3 gyro
I went out to fly my plane Saturday. While I was unfolding my plane, I kept hearing a lawnmower sounding engine but reving up high. Then all of a sudden there was a junior dragster hauling butt down the parallel taxiway. Shortly after it passed a polaris ranger was chasing it. They ran the thing back and forth a few times. They also had their truck and trailer out on the ramp. I got that on video leaving as I was taking off.

I should have got some footage of the dragster just in case I get any crap about my gyro. I doubt I will but ya never know. The guy that runs the FBO is super nice and lets me keep my plane in a trailer out there for free. I don’t think the Airport authority cares too much for experimentals. The chairman told me one time when I mentioned ultralights that I need to leave those things alone and learn to fly a real airplane.