You can win valuable prizes in our 8th PRA Raffle.


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FRANK'S;n1134796 said:
I did not get a confirmation email this time around. do you know if he got my donation?
Brent did not receive a donation from a Frank. Looks like PayPal hiccuped.


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François I sent 33.25CND and that = to 25$ USD PayPal took it from my bank account so it has to be somewhere.



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Hopefully the money will appear from the pipeline shortly - Why would it go to Drake Air LLC and not a PRA account ?


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it needs to be bought in IN for it to be tax deductible and for the pra charity thing
and He is doing this for a service for Pra nice guy.


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Gyro = Keith Ammon
New Boston, NH

He was at the event.
2nd place selected Aircraft Spruce gift certificate
Brian Brown
St. John, KS

Brian wrote on Facebook:

Received my gift certificate for 1k at Air Craft spruce today, compliments of the PRA raffle.It will be put to good use buying some much needed parts for my gyro project. thanks again to the PRA. Special thanks to John Rountree and Brent Drake for all they do for the PRA and its members.

Here is a video of the Raffle: