Yamaha Float Gyros by JP Kruker


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Oct 25, 2020
Columbia SC
YG4 Air Command Tandem
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JP Kruker is selling this (Youtube video link: YG4 Float Gyro) one-off Yamaha amphib RX1 gyro, asking $39K, NE of Lake Huron in Ontario. He is selling it because he recently completed his third (?) Yamaha float gyro, this one a YG3 Sidewinder. That's 180+ hp Yamaha factory stock turbo. JP tells us he is seeing 744 lbs static thrust with this latest prototype. Interesting fellow. I'm tempted to drive up just to meet him in person. The latest build is a tandem, so he can take me for ride when I get there...

His video of that new one is on Facebook, you can see it on my FB Group Yamaha Aircraft Engines, click the link.

JP_Kruker RX1.png
He has a really good pre-rotor. Plus he seems to get off the water fairly quickly.