Yamaha 120 engine


May 11, 2005
Burlington Wi

Looking to sell my yamaha genesis 120 snomobile engine. it is left over from a previous project and not needed any more.includes 3 K&N air filters (carbs re jetted for them) and 2 fabricated steel headers. engine is plumbed for an external oil cooler with AN Fittings (not included) also have a fabricated steel header with a KO3 turbocharger. turbo is still mounted to the engine. it was test fired but never test run.paid $3500.00 will take $2500.00???? (WITHOUT turbo set up.) with turbo $3000.00 ???? ignition module and regulator with wiring harness all included.

I put 5 hrs on it in the Helicycle. I could not get enough power out of it at the RPM that I wanted to run it at. according to the dyno chart 6000 to 6200 95 HP I needed 95 hp flew great on a cool day but when the weather got warmer it did not have the power I needed at that RPM. I had to run it a 6500 I wanted a lower RPM to make the engine last longer. running an engine in a helicopter is totally different than a fixed wing or gyro the engine runs max all the time. great little motor just not good for a helicopter of the Helicycles weight.


EW 610
Pilot 180
fuel 50

Engines are usually rated with a correction factor. on paper it is suppose to make 95 HP @ around 6200RPM on a standard day. Take out the correction factors add in a little heat,altitude and humidity your 95HP motor now only makes 85 HP
No mounts for anything. mounts are 4 rubber mounts on the engine just like it came out of the snomobile.


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