Xenon mast crack

Greg Vos

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May 26, 2019
Cape Town
R44/22 H269/300 MD 500 Magni (all); Xenon RST; DTA; ELA; MTO
Total Flight Time
2480 odd (1300 gyro hours & counting)
Please can you guys look at a mast crack on a 200 hour 8 year old xenonRST
I want to fit a boubler plate and spin the mast around, by turning it around will enable drilling new holes in virgin metal, the crack is not yet into the box section, I assume this is where the mast integrity is?
still retain the top as top using the same holes to mount the rotor head and cabin mounting points at the base, with only the new holes being drilled for the mixer and the cabin top mounting
Do you guys think it’s a plan, or should I replace the mast profile?