XE...Experimental or Ultralight?

I have seen the arguments both ways but the two experts (John and Dwight) both say they XE is NOT an ultralight and must be registered as an experimental. However, some are flying them without them being registered and without a license. From what I gather, the XE differs from the XEL due to the floats and fuel capacity.

I am on target or wide?


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If you want to split hairs and be 100% legal and correct...

The XE will only be a legal ultralight if, and only if:
1) Built carefully to fall under the max weight for Part 103
2) The fuel tank vent must be installed so it overflows at 5 gallons
3) The floats must be installed
Splitting hairs will keep me from losing my tickets if I were to get questioned on some random ramp. I make my living flying so anything that puts it at risk is simply not worth it.