WTB 3 Warp Drive blades 2.2 Subaru RAF2000


Apr 19, 2009
Twin Falls
ercoupe, b8m, Bonanza K35, Sonerai, Challenger 2 amphib, RAF2000, CriCri
Total Flight Time
1900 fw, 25 gyro
Also seeking an H-stab. Yep, had a bit of a problem Saturday. Note to everyone... always have someone in the cockpit or a tail tied down. My gyro jumped the pair of 8" chocks, then dragged me 40' across concrete before I was able to reach key for shut off. I'm writing this laid up on my couch with fairly severe road rash. The positive side- it runs well...background- recently purchased, going through everything with the fine tooth comb, new fuel lines, wiring corrections, checking torques and applying torque seal. I'll have some more fiberglass work and time on task before its ready to fly. Lesson learned. Please learn from my experience- you don't want the first thing to cross your mind be "hang on for dear life"
Hope to see some of you at OSH37597.jpeg
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