wow.. I'm related to a gyro owner!


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May 30, 2023
well gee wiz. marrying into a large fam does have it's benefits!

I just found out, I have a shirt-tale cuz out in Western Nebraska that "terrorizes" his cattle with a gyro. (mother in laws term, not mine) LOL
There may be more to it than this, as that branch of the fam is a little on the fringe- according to some.
I may find a nice source of info.. or a door slammed in my face, hopefully sans any bullet holes.
So, in case I don't appear on here for some time... something went horribly wrong on the intro's...

He's on one of those 'end of trail' ranches that you drive 10 miles on unimproved trail just to get into his place. (my version of Heaven)
when I get info, maybe sneak some pics... I'll pass it along!