World ultralight Fly-in at your own airport all around the world at the same time and dates


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Apr 21, 2008
San Diego, CA. USA
Airgyro AG915 Centurian, Aviomania G1sb
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Gyroplane 70Hrs, not sure over 10,000+ logged FW, 260+ ultralights, sailplane, hang-gliders
World ultralight Fly-in at your own airport in your own bird around the world at the same time and date. Register here:
DATES: WUFI 2020 is Sat, Oct 10, and Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at any airfield in any country around the world.
RULES TO PARTICIPATE: WUFI rules are simple.
(1) Fly at your own airfield (or be a passenger) on Oct 10 or 11 in an ultralight, PPG, rotorcraft, trike, paramotor or other simple, open-air or lightweight flying machine.
(2) Take a date-stamped photo of you flying or as a passenger.
(3) Click on the signup link (LINK TO COME) and register your information... and you'll receive a WUFI Certificate honoring your achievement and participation in the World Ultralight Fly-in! There is no cost. WUFI is simply a global experiment and expression of the brotherhood of pilots, men and women, who cherish, share, and thoroughly enjoy the profound gift of flight.
HISTORY: Started in 2015, THE WORLD ULTRALIGHT FLY-IN was created to give open-air, part 103 and light flyers, in general, a way to celebrate their special and unique place in aviation. Occurring one time each year in October (for two days) WUFI is a great global celebration of the magic of grassroots, experimental, simple, exhilarating flight. In its 6th year, WUFI has become known for "Two big days, One big sky." Since the beginning, thousands of aeronauts have participated in scores of countries around the world.