Who is flying today?


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Jul 2, 2007
London/ Kilifi Kenya
Gyrs, RAF 2000/Mgni/Bnsn/Hrnet/Mrlin/Crckt/MT-03/Lyzlle AV18-A/Prdtor. Pax ArrowCopter
Total Flight Time
100+ gyro, 16,000+ other
It was a beautiful day for it over the whole of the UK.

Spent the day helping a mate polish a set of Dragon Wings for a Merlin he is selling. Looked pretty good when we finished. He was using a polish called Gleem which worked well.

I used to use Purple Polish in the States, haven’t seen it over here.

The rest of the afternoon was working on a wiring problem on the Cricket. It has a very old EFIS from I think South Africa. Screen is small and colours grey and black, instrument displays small and hard to see.

The ASI/Alt and VSI all worked, the Engine instruments did not so no RPM, or oil or water temps. Luckily he is an electronics wizz as I am about as basic as can be. Lots of continuity tracing and checking voltage and grounding. Old connectors where the plastic was stiff and cracking, a maze of wires that changed colours sometimes three times in a run.

Of course the seat had to come out, instrument panel removed, RDAC/data transmitter removed. Tiny nuts and bolts in awkward places where we were working by feel and big hands a liability. Finally think we/he cracked the problem due to faulty grounding, but quite a bit to do putting everything back together the next time we make it up there.

Lots of flying going on as it was one of the first fine day in ages. and unfortunately would have been ideal to do this in the bad weather, but hadn’t been able to schedule the time.

Some unfortunate young lady in a motor glider with not much time didn’t like her landing attempt and somehow departed the runway and ended up in the middle of a wheat field. Luckily she was fine, the plane to so fortunate so lots of activity generated there with fire engines ambulances, none needed, then the AIB, but all ended without anyone hurt.