When weight and engine performance outweighs price concerns.


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Jul 2, 2007
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I had been aware of this company a couple of years back but since I wasn’t even contemplating a 912 it completely passed me by.

Things changed when I decided to try for a single with more oomph but since money is a concern, never paid it much attention. I was happy enough to go for a reconditioned 912ULS and happy to get 100HP and better fuel economy than a 582. Wolfy had enlightened me on even more powerful single seater mustering machines in Australia which was interesting and I became curious in what was around.

If Rotax are expensive, and they are, these offerings are even more... but should one be fortunate enough to afford the best, then this company takes the best and then gives it an ‘Edge’. And that is what the company is called. A number of people/companies have specialised in customising existing engines and this is another one but they have produced some great results. They began with the Rotax 912 but now have a variety of custom Rotax builds, and more recently with the Yamaha engines. They were a small enterprise but have now decided to get serious with a bigger facility.

Its quite a long video so save it for when you have the time, but they do produce some pretty interesting improvements to some already well proven engines...for a price. So for those who are looking for the best of the best, and don’t mind paying a bit more these guys might have what you are looking for.