What's a KB4?

Noticed some pics of a KB4 on one of the club's post(Marksville '07 fall flyin). Is it a new clt version?
Thinking of driving over from Tyler, TX to the Marksville flyin '08. Hope to see a KB4 there as well as many others.

How many gyros do you think will be there?


Tim Chick
A KB-4 is what Mark calls his CLT modified KB-2 or 3. It's not an official model designation from the factory, just what Mark decided to call his. It looks pretty nice from the photos and videos.


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Hi Gary
Thank you for your interest in my gyro.
Tim is correct, the KB 4 is a CLT version of a KB2 or KB3. I think it is Neal Carnes that sells a conversion kit for the Bensen/Brock type gyros. Bogman can tell you more about it. The KB4 is what I came up with to make a KB3 a CLT. Basically it just has the keel cut into and the cluster plate extended 6 inches. I did other things like used round tubing instead of angle aluminum for bracing and I added a pod that is higher than most pods for my EIS.
It uses the Dominator Tail rather than the Brock/Bensen tail and currently I have a scooter wheel which is raked 8 degrees for steering. Also I added independent brakes.
I used an electric prerotor initially to save time while I tried to figure how to adapt a mechanical drive to the EBox. I should have it installed for Marksville Flyin. It is probably the lest expensive CLT that can be built using old factory gyro parts.
Here a link to some videos of it flying.


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Does anyone know what parts you get with the conversion kit?
Bogman, Miles Manson can tell you more, or maybe Mike Gaspard, (he knows a lot about everything except Gaspardometers, well he knowns alot more than I do about things) . I think it includes the cluster plates, brackets, and nose wheel assembly.
Guy Segurs has a KB 4 with 503, Maybe he will post a picture. Miles modified KB2 has a Hirth, I think, There is another KB 3 modified in our chapter which has not be seen yet, but from what I know of the owner, it will be a beautiful machine, good flying machine.
Also Richard Kenndy, who I belive led the way down here in South has a modified KB3 and it was a conversion kit if I remember correctly.
Hope this helps.