What Subaru ????


Have Read Alot About Subs I Have Looked At Old Threads But I Cant Find Anything On What Years To Find A Suitable Engine Prefer Carb
And Simple Ignition System [no Complicated Efi And Ecm Wiring To Deal With] I Some Times Find Myself In A Wrecking Yard. Would Like To Know What To Keep My Eye Out For?

What to build

What to build

Welcome to the Rotary Forum !

You have to ask yourself a few questions.

What are you looking to build ? How many people will it carry ?

Will it be a heavy or lightweight machine ?

What atmospheric and runway conditions will you be flying in?

How much will the pilot and pass weigh ?

What kind of performance envelope do you want to fly ?

These are all very serious considerations and need to be honestly addressed before you go picking up an engine.

I suggest you find the next gyro fly in and go and ask questions take notes pics and find out before you start to build and then have to sell it all because you did it all wrong.

Jonathan Weis
Oriental NC


answer to automan

answer to automan

maybe a dominator with a pre rotator,single seat,i don't know what it will weigh..but,not ultra light.
altitude at my local airport..460 feet above sea level
pilot..250 lbs
i want enough power to have fun(maybe 70 to 80 mph) top speed

thanks,james awbrey

Mike Hook

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Here is a list I found of the Sub's

Years Engine
Subaru 2WD models 1.1 - 1.6 Auto Parts 70-79 1.1-1.6
Subaru 2WD models 1.6 & 1.8 Auto Parts 80-84 EA71,81
Subaru 4WD models exc. Brat Auto Parts 80-84 EA71,81
Subaru 4WD models exc. Brat Auto Parts 75-79 EA63,71
Subaru 4WD Turbo exc. Brat Auto Parts 83-84 EA81T
Subaru Baja 2.5 Pickup Auto Parts 2003 EJ25
Subaru Brat 1.6/1.8 Pickup Auto Parts 77-81 EA71,81
Subaru Brat 1.8 Pickup Auto Parts 82-88 EA81
Subaru Brat 1.8 Turbo P/up Auto Parts 83-84 EA81T
Subaru Forester 2.5 Auto Parts 2003 EJ25
Subaru Forester 2.5 Auto Parts 98-02 EJ25
Subaru Hatchback OHV 2WD Auto Parts 85-89 EA71,81
Subaru Hatchback OHV 4WD Auto Parts 85-89 EA81
Subaru Impreza 1.8 2WD Auto Parts 93-96 EJ18
Subaru Impreza 1.8 4WD Auto Parts 93-97 EJ18
Subaru Impreza 2.0 TurboWRX Auto Parts 02-03 EJ20
Subaru Impreza 2.2 4WD Auto Parts 95-01 EJ22
Subaru Impreza 2.5 4WD Auto Parts 02-03 EJ25
Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS 4WD Auto Parts 98-01 EJ25
Subaru Impreza2.5TurbWRXSTI Auto Parts 2004 EJ25
Subaru Justy 1.2 2WD Auto Parts 87-94 EF12
Subaru Justy 1.2 4WD Auto Parts 88-94 EF12
Subaru Legacy 2.2 2WD Auto Parts 95-98 EJ22
Subaru Legacy 2.2 2WD Auto Parts 90-94 EJ22
Subaru Legacy 2.2 4WD Auto Parts 90-94 EJ22
Subaru Legacy 2.2 SOHC 4WD Auto Parts 95-99 EJ22
Subaru Legacy 2.2 Turbo 2WD Auto Parts 91 EJ22T
Subaru Legacy 2.2 Turbo 4WD Auto Parts 91-94 EJ22T
Subaru Legacy 2.5 4WD Auto Parts 00-03 EJ25
Subaru Legacy 2.5 DOHC 4WD Auto Parts 96-99 EJ25
Subaru Leone/Loyale OHC 2WD Auto Parts 85-93 EA82
Subaru Leone/Loyale OHC 4WD Auto Parts 85-94 EA82
Subaru Leone/LoyaleTurbo2WD Auto Parts 86-90 EA82T
Subaru Leone/LoyaleTurbo4WD Auto Parts 85-90 EA82T
Subaru Outback 2.2 SOHC Auto Parts 96 EJ22
Subaru Outback 2.5 4-Cyl. Auto Parts 00-03 EJ25
Subaru Outback 2.5 DOHC Auto Parts 96-99 EJ25
Subaru Outback 3.0 6-Cyl. Auto Parts 01-03 EZ30
Subaru Outback Sport 2.2 Auto Parts 96-01 EJ22
Subaru Outback Sport 2.5 Auto Parts 02-03 EJ25
Subaru SVX 3.3 2WD Auto Parts 94-95 EG33
Subaru SVX 3.3 4WD Auto Parts 92-97 EG33
Subaru XT 1.8 2WD Auto Parts 85-91 EA82
Subaru XT 1.8 4WD Auto Parts 87-91 EA82
Subaru XT 1.8 Turbo 2WD Auto Parts 85-87 EA82T
Subaru XT 1.8 Turbo 4WD Auto Parts 85-87 EA82T
Subaru XT6 2.7 2WD Auto Parts 88-91 ER27
Subaru XT6 2.7 4WD Auto Parts 88-91 ER27

Subaru Engine Specs and Designations

Last updated July 19, 1999

Posted by Witte; from Ultimate Subaru Message Board, additional info from GeoffreyR

year General Size Actual Size HP Torque Designation Notes all unlisted cr are 9
70-71 1100 1088 [email protected] [email protected] unknown FF1 Not SAE rated
71 1300 1267 [email protected] [email protected] un 1300G Not SAE rated
72 1300 1267 [email protected] [email protected] un 1300G
73-74 1400 1361 [email protected] [email protected] EA-63 1400
75 1400 1361 [email protected] [email protected] EA-63 1400 2wd
75 1400 1361 [email protected] [email protected] EA-63 1400 4wd
76 1400 1361 [email protected] [email protected] EA-63 1400 2wd cr 8.5
76 1400 1361 [email protected] [email protected] EA-63 1400 4wd cr 8.5
76-79 1600 1590 [email protected] [email protected] EA-71 1600 2wd cr 8.5
76-79 1600 1590 [email protected] [email protected] EA-71 1600 4wd cr 8.5
80-82 1600 1595 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81 1600 cr 8.5
80-82 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81 1800 2wd cr 8.7
80-82 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81 1800 4wd cr 8.7
83-87 1600 1595 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81 1600 cr 9
83-84 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81 1800 cr 8.7
83-84 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81T 1800 turbo cr 7.7
85-87 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81 Brat, 85 2dr GL
85-89 1500 1595 [email protected] [email protected] EA-81 2dr
85-86 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82 4dr
85-86 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82 GL-10 MPFI & XT
85-86 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82T turbo
86-94 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82 SPFI
86-89 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82 SPFI 4dr 2wd
87-88 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82 carbed
87-91 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82 XT MPFI
87-90 1800 1781 [email protected] [email protected] EA-82T turbo
87-93 1200 1189 [email protected] [email protected] EF-12 Justy carbed.
88-91 2700 2672 [email protected] [email protected] ER-27 XT6 (coolest of all 2 valve)
90-93 2200 2212 [email protected] [email protected] EJ-22 Legacy
90-94 1200 1189 [email protected] [email protected] EF-12 Justy MPFI
92-94 2200 2212 [email protected] [email protected] EJ-22T? Legacy Turbo
92-97 3300 3318 [email protected] [email protected] E?-33 SVX
93-96 1800 1820 [email protected] [email protected] EJ-18 Impreza
95-96 2200 2212 [email protected] [email protected] EJ-22 Legacy,Impreza
96 2500 2457 [email protected] [email protected] EJ-25 Legacy



Former Gyro know it all
I would not use a Subaru on a Dominator. I would stick with the Rotax engines period. On a heavier machine I would consider a Subaru and would either use a EJ-25 with Direct Drive, or a EJ-22 with a Reduction drive. The Dominator won't support the weight of a EJ sub IMHO.



If you are going to choose a single seat Dominator, and you want to use a Subaru engine, then use the EA81 only. The EJ series will be to heavy and powerful I think.

There are single seat Dominators made installed with SUB4/EA81 or Autoflight/EA81 (almost the same). Talk with Ernie about it.
Or ask Neil Hintz in New Zealand, he builds a lot of special Dominators installed with Subaru engines.

Im sure someone on this board has a Subaru powered Dominator, maybe they can tell you how to do.


Former Gyro know it all
Well I know three owners of Single place Dominators that have Subaru EA-81 engines on their gyros. One never flys his machine, the other is not sure he likes his, and the last guy has said he wishes he had gone with the Rotax. The Dominator is a very easy to fly and very rock solid stabel platform to fly. BUT.... it is also a hotrod and very nimble and fun to toss around yankin and bankin! Using a heavier engine will take alot of the nimbleness out of a dominator.

And I don't think you would be saving much money going with a Subaru over a nice Rotax. Very low time used Rotax 582 engines sell for around 3500$ complete. By the time you buy a junkyard Subaru and go through it and buy a reduction drive, you already have more than you could have gotten the Rotax for.

Just my opinion.....

Victor Duarte

Hi gents,

does anyone remember a Subaru aviation engines dealer in Belgium..
I saw the link somewere here, but i can't find it..

BTW , any infos or remarks about the EJ82 ?




The so called subaru engine dealer is not sure a sub conversion is the best way to go on a single seater.
A four stroke engine in the 60 to 80 hp power range does not perform better in the machine because of its weight.
A 1kg per horse engine for 80 hp horse has 80 kg.
A 582 rotax is around 50 kg installed for 65 hp, the better power to weight ratio makes the single seater more fun.
The sub conversion is for a single seater ok on one condition: you must hate two strokes.


Victor Duarte

Thanks Jos,
I dont really hate 2 strokes, i certainly will go for a 2 strokes.

But i remember hat i had seen that this engine dealer had a soob engine 1,6 , 100 hp that weighted about 55 kgs, i only wanted to give them a call to check if the weight is correct..and the pricing..



A reforming stirrer!!!!!
Why would you choose an engine........

Why would you choose an engine........

......that has to rebuilt every 300 hours? The extra weight of the Subaru can easily be managed by larger rotor blades to have the disc loading correct. You are right Ron though, in that you lose some nimbleness BUT, you have a gyro that is better for trips and uses straight mogas.

A second hand Rotax, no I could not handle that!!!!!

When I had to use a Rotax I got along ok with them, but they are expensive to operate.

There are 4 things that I don't like about 2 strokes. :eek:

1) high idle, they want ot walk away from you on tarmac.
2) Vibration levels are quite fatiguing.
3) use a bucket full of fuel when you push them around.
4) and the maintainence costs are high if/when things go bad!!!

I enjoy my 4 stroke Subaru's. :D

My suggestions.
1) Get a later ej-20 100hp or 120 hp from a low mileage wreck.
2) Bolt on a Hirth gearbox with an 11lb flywheel.
3) Use the car ecu with the car loom that can be shortened to suit.
4) Use an aftermarket airfilter allowing 8" between the mass air flow sensor.
5) Have an exhaust made.
6) Bolt on a 68" diameter prop, and go flying.

There is no need to tear one of these low mileage engines down. ;) These engines will run several hours after coming out of a 50,000 mile wreck.

I don't hate 2 strokes and as I said when I had to use them I was happy enough, but, I enjoy my 4 stroke Subaru's. :D

Aussie Paul. :)

Victor Duarte

Paul, thanks, i need this kind of opinion.

I also know the 2 stroke disaventages. I have to manage a ned for power and a low budget. so, a 912 is out of reach for me , now.

I looked at subaru because it looks a nice engine for a gyro.
what's the weight of an ej20 ? i don't need gearbox, just the starter and generator.
Have you a trick to fit a light starter ?
I have also heard that the soobs need to have the cams changed to give more HP at a lower RPM, has someone a how-to ?

Thank you
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Former Gyro know it all
Paul how many people do you know that overhaul a Rotax at 300 hours? I don't know many. Most people go 2 to 3 times that long before overhaul. I know a few people here in my area running Rotax 503 with over 1000 hours with only maintance being sparkplug changes.

For a small lightweight gyro the Rotax is the way to go. Big heavy two place machines are better served by bigger engines, Subaru is a good one for that application.


Lubricating & Stimulating

Whatever Sub you get, let Automan123 build it for you. His I think is 2.5 and won the thrust pull at ROC with 690lbs of thrust!

Send him a private, yall exchange phone numbers and go to town!


Victor Duarte

John, ron, thank you, good info.

I found the site i searched. They talk about soob 1,6 l , they say they get about 100 HP with a naked weight of 80 lbs.. amazing, but i wanted to know how it is possible.
i have no answer yet.
The weight challenge for a soob is different for me, i don't need a gearbox or redrive.
If i can get 120 lbs naked it could be interesting.
But the 2 strokes stills a reasonnable choice..

some said rotax prices increased 20 % is that true?


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The 1600 cc Subaru (EA71) weighs around 80 kg, not 80 pounds and it does not develop 100 hp. The single carb model makes 67 hp and the dual carb model makes 90 hp.

Victor Duarte

Thanks Don,

In fact i asked for the 80lbs number and this weight is given naked : no cooling, no alternator nor starter, no wiring, nothing, just the block... the final weight is around 140 lbs, you're right.
For info, they machine most of the parts to gain weight and the price is around 10000 $ .

Thanks to all


Lubricating & Stimulating

Sorry Ron Solo, You know I don't know jack about subs. I just know Johnathan (Automan123) had that pine tree screaming for mercy when he was running that thang!

Automan123 builds engines! Get with him on size and type.