What is the mile range of LWs?


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Very few Little Wings are built the same. It just depends on what engine you use, fast you fly and how big a tank you build for it. I have no doubts a 912 powered Little Wing could be made to fly for three hours with a half hour reserve.

I like to have an hour reserve because where I fly the fog can come in and shut down the coastal airports leaving me headed for Taft 45 minutes away.
Just seems like a lack of info for the range question. There's a pic of a yellow LW with what looks like a gas tank under the aircraft between the front tires.
I have a boat aluminum gas tank, probably 20gallons, came out of glassstream boat, wouldn't mind filling at least half full and putting under belly. Make a fairing for it.


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My single-seat Little Wing has two fuel tanks. 12 gallons tank right behind the pilot's seat, and the other is 5 gallons between one's feet under the instrument dash.

The Yamaha 3 cyl. 4 stroke engine in gyros seems to consume approximately 4 GPH in a gyroplane, due to the draggy nature of the airframe and rotorblades.

Consequently, this particular gyro could be aloft approximately 4 hrs., w/ a reserve to satisfy the FAA requirement.


Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
thirdy8special;n1133740 said:
Wish LW owners would post mpg/range.
I want to fly from front seat.
For a tandem gyroplane, the pilot's position is not under the rotorhead (the approximate center of gravity). It has to be the one further away from the CofG, so when one carries a passenger, that balance isn't severely disrupted, putting the aircraft either extremely nose up, or down.
That's great, & much needed info, Kevin. Thx! I was trying to figure a way to add fuel capacity. Either seat tank plus belly tank, etc, and not messup cg.. The tank on the floor is a great idea.
Plane weight plus my weight leaves 200lbs. Figured why not use it up with fuel. 3hr flight plus 30min to hr reserve is enough to get somewhere.
I'm wondering how you get in back seat with fuel tank in front....can't fold seat-back forward.
A belly tank and like Kevin's setup ought to have a decent range. Wondering where I can stow my golf clubs......plenty of space to land at a golf course.
I wonder if bottom of airframe below pilot seat frame could be deepened/lowered so a seat tank could be installed and used by a 6'3" pilot.
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