What is the best way to shorten a Hughes 296 Main Rotor Blade?????


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Sep 23, 2004
Acampo, CA
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So Glenn Bundy emailed me yesterday that the blades are 12 ft long.

I know quite a few of you guys flew them on gyros, and quite a few flew them on single seat and two seat helicopters.

Some with the tip weights installed, some cut the tip a few inches to lessen the weight and then reinstalled the tip cap.

My question is how did you shorten it enough to get it down to 9 or 10 ft long.

Did you cut it all from the tip and loose all the weight?

Did you cut all of it or some of it from the root? If you did cut it from the root what steps did you have to take to put plates in and connect to the spar to enable you to make a new root fitting?

Thanks for the help

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