What could possibly go wrong?

Greg Vos

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May 26, 2019
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Tyger: Re your #53: WD-40 certainly would have prevented what we see in the photo. So, for that matter, would regular applications of bear grease or hair gel.

I'm not sure what the Magni guru has against WD-40. It's misunderstood (hence over-used, which the manufacturer doesn't mind)) as a lubricant. It isn't good for that. And it likely contains solvents that might attack certain plastics, maybe including some fiberglass resins. But as a Water Displacer and routine rust preventive, it's not bad. It's not as prone to collecting debris as a heavier, greasier substance would be.

Get something more robust for marine environments, constant wetting or routine encounters with male dogs marking their territory.
Yamaha also discourage its use (WD 40) on the outboard motors saying it makes the wires go hard