We stripped her naked.


Gyroplane CFI
Oct 30, 2003
Givens Predator
Total Flight Time
2400+ in rotorcraft
Glad to have you along Steve and happy to see you up in the air.

I am not able to capture the magic of flying in an open gyroplane but I give it my best shot and add some words in the hopes some of the emotion comes through.

In my opinion the English countryside is some of the most beautiful in the world when the fog lifts and the channel has some wonderful shorelines. I have only been there twice.

I make the flight to San Luis Obispo so often I fear people will get bored with similar pictures over and over. The sights always take my breath away and each flight seems different to me. In case you wonder I match the pictures to the flight although I am tempted to use the clear ones from other flights when the mist is about.

The hills will be turning green soon and to me winter is the most beautiful time of the year for this part of the California coast. It doesn’t take much rain or very long to give the hills a lush green look of velvet.

I hope to fly to Camarillo today. At this time it is misty so the pictures may be limited. When it is too busy (air traffic) in the narrow corridor near Santa Barbara I put the camera away. It seems even fixed wing people are flying low to get a better look at the Blue pacific and the details of the curved shoreline. I love the Channel Islands floating in the mist.

If I write a story about the flight it will be in flying adventures where it belongs instead of testing where I wound up by mistake.