Watched the President speak and Republican Convention tonight. Wow


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Just got to say WOW! I'm proud to have always been a Republican, and more so after this evening.

What a difference between what the Democrats have to offer. President Trump's speech was riveting.

We are in great hands in November.


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I 100% agree with you. I watched the DNC convention last week and all they did for 4 nights was complain about Trump and try to to instill fear in the others.

The RNC convention has been great with all the speakers even Dems stepping forward to say Trump is doing a great job.

All the speakers for this week at the RNC convention have done a great job and Trump's speech tonight was just amazing.
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May 10, 2020
This thread sure hasn't aged well.

I can understand people not liking him .... I started out feeling the same .... saw him as an egotistical braggart who always boasted about how great he was.

Then I listened to his political platform and started to pay closer attention .... but remained suspicious whether he would really make those changes or was it simply electioneering.

And when he actually beat Hillary I saw it as accomplishing the impossible.

Then in one slam dunk after the other he began implementing profound changes beneficial to America and the world

--- walked away from the Paris globalist warming cabal
--- stopped hemorrhage of illegal immigration
--- threatened North Korea saying he has missiles too .... and his actually work
--- previously unheard of peace agreement in middle east
--- turned on USA oil to be world production leader ... ending the previous OPEC and dictator leverage
--- reduced business taxes from 39% to 21% .... economy immediately hit best level ever
--- billions (trillions) of earned USA offshore profits came pouring in because of low tax rate
--- businesses & manufacturers could write off new equipment immediately ... USA factories went into overdrive
--- tariffs to end the hemorrhage of money and jobs to Mexico and China
--- put NATO on notice to pay their fair share for defense of world freedom
--- treated Liberal media like the liars they are
--- did more to help blacks than brother Obama ever dreamed about
--- turned inward to solve American problems instead of other countries problems

And Trump did it against all odds while surrounded by anti-americanism at home and abroad.
He would have continued but COVID hit ... and of course he was blamed for that too

History will treat his goals and accomplishments very well.