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Oct 31, 2011
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Yes this was the second engine on my gyroplane. The first one came with the AR-1when Mike and I purchased it. It had 392 hours on it when It suffered a valve drop in number two cylinder. I took it to the Rotax service center in San Antonio, Texas. After the inspection and negotiation Rotax agreed to pay 80 per cent for a new engine. This is the second engine and was installed as a club project. There was four club members working on the installation and each one was cross checking the purging process. As it happen Tony was installing his Rotax 915 on his AR-1 at the same time. We were doing the oil purging process on each machine and we were cross checking each step on each machine as we completed them.


I am not familiar with San Antonio Rotax service center but perhaps you should call Lockwood Aviation first and ask for Dean Vogel and tell him what happened and use his guidance. 1-800-LA-Rotax Tell Dean I told you to consult with him. Then go from that to what he suggests.

BTW, there is a category 4 hurricane coming here Wednesday night so do not be surprised if they are closed tomorrow and do not get back to you


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Nov 25, 2017
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Hi Tyger and all,
Please describe your Rotax 912 and 914 turbo starting procedures? I prefer to burp to ensure I have adequate oil. Do you spin the engine with mags off and then proceed to start? Some gyro ignition switches do not facilitate spinning the engine to get good lubrication prior to turning on the mags. Where I can't spin the engine prior to mags turned on, I usually hand spin the propeller to lube the engine after burping, prior to starting up.
I burp if I don't see oil on the flat of the stick. That's actually usually the case, though, unless I've let it sit a couple of weeks. If you are consistently above the flat without burping, your oil filter may be letting more than it should leak back into the tank.
As you and others have noted, burping is only to get more oil into the tank, where you can measure it, just to be sure have enough oil in the system.

It's not feasible to spin the prop by hand fast enough to really get the oil pump going unless you take out the plugs (as in the purge procedure).
I don't generally engage the starter with mags off. It's a good way to flood the engine (ask me how I know). Rotax says you should see proper oil pressure within 5 seconds of starting and that seems good enough for me.
I DO spin the starter with igintion off after an oil change though, until I see the pressure come up. Usually that takes several (max ten-second) spins.
My engine is now on 530 hours and no major issues. 🤞