Wanted: Single Seat Dominator Plans


Apr 7, 2021
Sydney Australia
Total Flight Time
Greetings everyone,

I am brand new on the forum and I am also a brand new owner of a single seat Dominator.

The machine I have purchased needs some TLC prior to being airworthy and it also needs to go through a fairly thorough inspection process to be registered for flight in Australia.

I am looking for a complete set of plans for the single seat Dominator to:
1. assist me with maintenance on the machine
2. to reproduce any parts I may have to replace
3. serve as source documentation for the registration process

I have searched through the forum and have seen suggestions to copy parts of the existing machine for replacement parts etc but it will be helpful to know how the plans specified it should have been done Vs what has been done in the actual build.

Who knows - if it is as great a machine as it appears to be I may be inspired to build one just like it in due time

I am aware that Ernie of Rotorflight Dynamics no longer sells plans so I am reaching out to members here who may be able to assist.

Thanks and Regards