Wagtail Aviation


Oct 4, 2019
Sasolburg South Africa
Good day John and Mike, thank you for the kind words. Mike, we are looking forward to integrating your principles and system on the manned and autonomous fleet as we go forward.
John I am busy working on the press release. We are just busy with so many projects that I want to share..
With all the sensors (at least 20) being downloaded and interpreted in real time, the low level collision avoidance system (Power and telephone lines, trees, birds, etc) real-time tracking, condition and trend monitoring amongst others. The Trojan has enough excess power and would be safe, easy to fly and cost effective to operate.
She was designed using FAR 21 CERTIFICATION PROCEDURES FOR PRODUCTS AND ARTICLES as well as FAR 27 AIRWORTHINESS STANDARDS: NORMAL CATEGORY ROTORCRAFT. We are currently busy with the Part 24 process in South Africa. This is around, Airworthiness Standards: Non-type Certificated Aircraft. After discussions with the FAA this will be a good foundation data pack when we start interacting with them as an authority.
There are a few European Gyrocopter Manufacturers currently entering the US market. We have experience flying with the 30 ft rotor and Rotax 914 engine in hot and high conditions. After the accumulation of a few thousand hours on those machines with our Team, AND the South African legislation / regulations allowing you to fly up to a 2 ton MAUW gyro. This led Johan von Ludwig and his Team to design the Trojan. The Trojan is fitted with a basic Subaru 2.5 T engine delivering 260 hp through a five bladed propeller. She is also equipped with a 36 ft rotor, This leading to a Take off weight of around a Ton.
The Trojan equipped with the above mentioned equipment assists with failure prediction and maintenance planning, this allowing you to plan the finances....
We are looking forward to continue interacting and once we have been contacted by enthusiast shareholders, plan on setting up the initial Base close to Fort Worth in Texas.
May you all have a safe and flying weekend.