Volkswagen power


David McCutchen
May 8, 2009
Dickson, Tn. USA
Benson B7m & B8m, Dominator II; Kolb Mark III Classic
Total Flight Time
750 combined FW & Gyro
That was an interesting flight for me. I had attempted to fly this machine two other times at my home field, and it would Torque Roll on liftoff. A little engine work and a different propeller and we met at Wrens for another attempt to see if it would fly. For a pre-rotator we were using an electric drill motor. Both of the batteries on mine and Barneys were dead. Barney had to hand pat the blades up for me. On the first run attempt, I couldn't get the rotor rpm to come up above about 200 rpm, and run out of runway, Back taxi to the end and just keep them sailing. On the second attempt, I found the sweet spot and they come right on up to well over 300. Then, I just wanted to feel the rotor and let it rock back onto the tailwheel. It felt stable, as I passed by Gerald, so I released some back pressure to allow the machine to balance on the mains. A little more power and lift off; then I had to make a decision, because I was running out of runway. It felt good, so I accelerated and made a 180* turn to the left, keeping it over some friendly ground. I wish I had a picture of Barneys face when I did the 180* over him, I told him I might crow hop it and not fly it. Oops, I lied. When I notice Gerald, I did a low level fly-by at about 60 mph so I could see the dangle angle. Then I had to land, there was a bit of cross wind, and the controls were very responsive, as you can see in setting up for landing. The flight lasted between 20 & 30 minutes.

Doug Riley

Platinum Member
Jan 11, 2004
A nostalgic rush. That was the engine and configuration I had on my first gyro as a teenager.

That VW is LOUD, what with straight pipes and a direct-drive prop turning 4K, more or less.