very short take off!


The DE LAVAL is not bad use the exhaust gas to feed the machine which has not to be on the rotor...a sketch Victor?
- the wheel inside a tube or a case ( like the torque converter...)
- less noise, no torque...
- less efficient then a turbine but... so what?

Victor Duarte

so what ? why not ? mmm but a De laval can spin VERY fast (20 000 rpm) ... how convert torque without grears ? dont see enough to draw ;) but if you see, i ll draw it.

in my file "mad ideas" i have : if an airfoil works essentially by "sucking" the air at the top side... why not to suck the air at the blade tip or the blade edge > no noise..

i said i m mad :D

some find good improvements searching wavy ways :

Victor Duarte

oh sorry !!! you talk about pre-rotator okayyyy !!!
i didnt sleep enough :D

you think in ducting the exhaust gases to a "de laval" mounted on the plate... would be simpler to use a pneumatic tool to pre-rotate (i dont tell the dirt !!)

well if i had to think to a pre rotator, it would be accordingly to my rotor design :
3 bladed hingeless, in-mast cyclic controls, in my tractive design (engine is behind pilot)
i can use the shaft to pre-rotate rotor by a flexible acting on a crown or pulley
maybe a small turbo to blow air ;) with a deflecting vane engine/rotor.


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What a great web site -

Vance, go to this site, click on GALERIE PHOTO !, then Prototypes et divers page 1, then click on the 3E photo. Yes, a motorcycle gyro!

For those of you who want a big gas tank, check out photo 1G
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Victor Duarte

lol i read it like this andré, :D dont worry !

"l'indulgence est la politesse des braves" aucun rapport mais ca sonne bien !

ps : i posted a drawing for canard


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Thank you Ken. I have a feeling that it isn't balanced just right.
I didn't know you were known the world over for your expertese in autogyro design. Thank You for being my friend, Vance