VA Festival of Flight

Sir Real

Jan 15, 2007
Suffolk, VA
Time for my annual reminders for the Virginia Regional Festival of Flight. This year VARFOF will be the weekend of April 30-May 1, and once again will be at the Suffolk Municipal Airport (KSFQ) in southeastern VA, about 1 mile north of the NC border and about 20 miles inland.

There will be numerous vendors, food, workshops and forums, a couple of classics hopping rides for donations, and several categories of aircraft judging, including "Best Gyro". Last year there was only one gyro, so he won by default. We can't have that happen again!

There will also be an air rally on Sunday, and probably Young Eagle flights as well.

Check us out at, and make your plans to come on out!

(The preceding was an unpaid but totally shameless plug)