US gyoplane paranoia


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Jul 2, 2007
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Interesting thread if a little heated at times. And yes other threads have from time to time become that way as well, so what. Life is like that.

The Xenon is a world class machine and has proved itself worldwide by it's sales results.

Despite Paul's rather inflammatory thread title, the debate here has ultimately focused on the improvement of existing machines and the dissemination of information amongst the people who come to this Forum. It is doing that and readers have learned from it.

Tom certainly brought forward concerns he had. Raphael has responded and is no doubt aware of concerns about his product, he has to be in order to better serve his market. That the two do not seem to particularly like one another is up to them to sort out.

Whether the US gyro-plane community is paranoid or not would seem to be immaterial and simply Paul's opinion. If it upsets him he is perfectly at liberty not to visit the Forum and not be upset by it.


Jan 19, 2005
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I guess morbid was probably a poor word choice.

Tom and Raphael are probably two of the most passionate people on the forum. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of them and their accomplishments. However the back and forth personal attacks do little to further the sport. I do realize it’s this same passion that’s driving most of the comments. Constructive criticism is ultimately a good thing even if not received well. All I really wanted to say is I hope the intense personal attacks end.

My experience with Celier Aviation and Raphael have been different than others have reported. I think I was the first to have an issue with a bolt coming out of the pre-rotator and going through my prop. I contacted the factory and they immediately acknowledged the problem and released a new shop drawing within 36 hours describing the problem and outlining the fix. I also had a crack develop in my windshield. I e-mailed Raphael and he immediately e-mailed back acknowledging there were problems with some of the early glass. Approx . 1 week later I had a new one. On day one of my trip to Mentone I had a problem with a weld breaking on my rudder pedal control assembly. With the help of my friends at Mentone a repair was made and I was only down a coupe of hours. I immediately e-mailed Raphael of the problem and have already received a new assembly. And at no charge!

I’ve had relatively few issues with my Xenon and absolutely love it. The few problems I’ve had have been handled promptly and professionally. If that ever changes I will certainly make it known but so far I have no complaints.

My Xenon is my third gyro. One of my Mentone passengers said it best. “This is cabin class comfort”. I honestly believe Xenon is in a class by itself and look forward to them, as well as others, having more of a presence in the US.

As Rodney King said “Can’t we all just get along”.


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Oct 30, 2003
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If getting along means aknowledging differences and idiosincrasies, reacting to it and correcting any overdoing, yes . .. we can!
But some of us are more girlymen than others!
there, I have pleased both Dems and Reps! :D
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