Does anyone know the continuation of the development of the PHENIX gyrocopter.
The French importer only informed me that PHENIX is still active in Spain by Carlos.

JJ Campbell

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To me, the biggest allure of the gyroplane is its improved visibility due to the lack of cowling and rotor. I don't understand the attraction for tractor style gyroplanes. What am I missing?


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I too like the visibility of a pusher gyroplane, but having said that, I can see several advantages to a tractor gyroplane. Much less chance of something falling from the gyro and going through the propeller
(and maybe then being thrown into the rotor). I am not an engineer,but it seems to me that it would remove or greatly diminish the possibility of a PPO. On the other hand, there is less propwash to help
increase the effectiveness of the tail surfaces in low airspeed situations. Also, there are fixed wing airplanes that are set up as pushers, so the increased visibility is available even in those.

Jean Claude

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JJ Campbell;n1142534 said:
I don't understand the attraction for tractor style gyroplanes. What am I missing?
The tractor style can avoid the detachment of air on the walls of the rear parts. So the parasitic drag is easily halved.
The best streamlines of a pusher are far from giving that.
Hull carrying the tail is much more light, like all aircraft hulls.
In add the prop thrust is naturally centered and, associated with a tail dragger, its diameter can be increased: So, shortened take-off and higher rise rate.

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Doug Riley

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A tractor gyro is considerably safer in a frontal crash than a pusher.

A taildragger gyro, OTOH, has serious ground-handling issues. If you try to steer on the ground with the rotor, you will add to the natural tendency of taildraggers to ground-loop.

In a small, open aircraft, it is much pleasanter to have the heat, noise and exhaust of the engine behind you.

And so on.

Jean Claude

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Despite this little engine far behind, I almost choked on the first flight. The assaulted throat and the tearful eyes because the exhaust gases were coming up into the cabin from a lightening hole at the tail
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