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Hey Cobus,
I am not sure if I like seeing these updated pitchers or hate the fact that I do not have one:)

looks great, hope you are having fun!
John, that makes two of us :) Patience is a virtue, I guess. The PHENIX is coming though, and the flying we are doing now indicates progress is being made.

I am getting many inquiries, some multiple times per day and there is a lot of interest. Just a pity we can't make the wheels of the authorities turn any faster.

It will be great though once we have a few here in the USA and we can have our first PHENIX Air Force fly-in and get-together :)
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See my posts above. This bird has the Rotax 914 in it, just for the certification. I hope to be able to confirm what the next engine is in the next few weeks.


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I think the Phenix ranks as one of only two absolutely gorgeous gyroplanes. Fully enclosed just like the other beauty, the Windryder!
Update on moving forward

Update on moving forward

Fellow Gyronauts and PHENIX afficionados,

We'll, we've been pretty quiet for the last few months, but for good reason (uh, no...can't say why :tape: :cool: :spy:) BUT...I can say that Phenix Aero International is now based at Ballenstedt airfield in Germany for the final flight testing program !

Yes, it is official, we are in the final stretch of certification.

More news and pictures on the Facebook page, so go check !

ps. for some reason I am unable to upload any pictures to RWF ? I'll try again later, but in the meantime, check the Facebook page.
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Another pic of #002 over a field near Ballenstedt.
The Phenix looks very good. I am wondering about the fin on the nosewheel.
Please explain why there is an extra fin in front?
Assuming it is a controlled moving surface, can you not just fair the nosewheel to the required volume and use rudder pedals to move it?



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The nose wheel fin is part of a high angle of attack/low speed testing program. We like to investigate and learn from different setups. Yes, we did try the fairing but the results were not satisfactory.




The flight test portion of certification in Germany is coming along well. We are evaluating a new propeller choice to see if we can better the current performance and testing results.

Location decisions for the factory have been made and that process is also progressing along well.

After three months in Germany, the team is taking a short break, and returning to Spain to see their families. This break will also allow us to prepare and equip for further steps in the flight testing phase of the certification.

We are very happy with how things are progressing and enthusiastic about the future of the certification program.
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The new propeller should have arrived by now and been fitted to the certification ship.

Last timeline had us finishing around June with the certification.

It looks like there might be some changes in the model line up and equipment choices made and I am waiting for official word.

A decision should be made soon about our initial engine offering; 135hp turbo charged.

We have found a location in Denver to hangar the PHENIX, and are in talks to cement a relationship with a maintenance organization to become our first Phenix Aero Service Center. More on that as things develop.

The only hiccup is insurance, as you folks probably know. We are following up with a number of companies to see about getting a quote for the PHENIX.

If anybody has had success in getting their gyroplane insured, please send me an email with your insurance company's info. I would appreciate it tremendously.

I hope to have some concrete info to post soon.
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Feb 2017 Update

Feb 2017 Update

Hi all,

We have made a tremendous amount of progress with the certification in Germany aka climbing Mt. Sisyphus. As far as my knowledge goes right now, we have completed the vast majority of all the required work, Phase1, Phase 2 and 99% of Phase3 work is done.

We hope to be able to post positive progress information here (relatively) soon.

Closer to home, I have had a very productive and informative meeting with my local FAA folks recently. This is a different project than the certification in Germany, and I can't say too much, but it will add a very nice option in the US market :)