Spoke with Carlos today, the ship is 99.9% ready to go for the flying part of certification.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation:
"We started the engine yesterday and after a year, it went off a the first twist of key. Will have some photos end of November (as promised). However, we may not have permission to fly until mid January due to possible delays with the authorities."

SO, pictures are coming soon as promised. Unfortunately we are behind where we wanted to be in the process as a whole, but making steady progress nonetheless.

I hope to visit Carlos and the guys in the next month or so and will report more first-hand info on the ship (more pics) and my impressions from Serial #002 to the 003.
Here is an interesting side-by-side of Serial #001, #002 and #003.

Note the changes to the main landing gear, the nose gear and the radiators. Sharp eyed PHENIX aficionados will also spot differences in the engine cowlings and the rotor mast.


TNVD no there aren't any technical specs on the website yet because we are still busy with the certification program and making modifications and improvements along the way.

There have been a tremendous amount of work done on the new ship and we will publish the specific details, with pictures and the technical specs once we are complete with the certification program as a whole.
The Authorities have finally accepted our paperwork and all is in order. Now we await permission to start the flight portion of certification and we expect to get this in January.
From everybody in the PHENIX team here in the USA and in Spain, Germany and South Africa, we want to wish all the PHENIX followers, future owners and our supporters a fantastic Christmas and festive time with their loved ones.
We believe that 2015 will at last be the 'Year of the PHENIX', and look forward to sharing this amazing autogyro with all of you.


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""The Authorities have finally accepted our paperwork and all is in order. Now we await permission to start the flight portion of certification and we expect to get this in January.""

Congratulations, well done for going through this process. I look forward to following the Phenix progress in 2015.


Hey guys,

Its been a while since the last update, sorry for that...We seem to be pretty much done and ready to start the next phase. That was until we hit a little snag this week. That is being sorted out ASAP.

Carlos is visiting AERO this week and when he gets back I hope to have more news to post.



sonoran silver
Hey Cobus,
I hope you are having fun over there, well not too much fun.
I enjoyed meeting you and talking gyros, it is obvious you are very in-tune with the product. I am looking forward to flying one.. please keep me informed.
john oakley
Hi John,

I enjoyed visiting with you and talking gyroplanes and flying. We should do that again soon when you are back in Denver.

The training is not so much fun though, I would rather be flying the PHENIX. And I am sure so would everybody waiting for it. I really hope to be able to post some interesting and good news soon!

My hands are tied till I get the go-ahead from Spain though.We are a lot closer than we were this time last year or even a few months ago though.
Carlos got back from AERO 2015 a few days ago with interesting news, BUT he sent me an email from Catral this evening with GREAT news! More to come in the next week, stay tuned to the Facebook feed !


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That's good - a German registered example - GOOD NEWS - can you give an update on German approval/certification progress - thank you.


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D-MPNX - the first non Spanish registered Phenix - looking very good indeed.

Is this particular machine a new build ?

Updates on approval/certification and production very welcome.



HI Steve, sorry for the tease, but I am waiting for the official release from Spain. I think you can read between the lines though :)
It's Official, we are flying again !

It's Official, we are flying again !


It’s official ! We are flying again, every day in preparation of starting the final flight testing phase of certification.

We were actually starting this phase a few weeks ago, but ran into a mechanical problem when a part supplied by a vendor turned out to be defective. This delayed us a few weeks.

This part has been replaced, and we are fine-tuning every piece in anticipation of the German engineers arriving soon for the official flight test phase.

Carlos reports that the ship is a little heavier than before but with the Rotax 914 still installed she flies very nicely.

Here is a short video clip he has compiled showing the aircraft undergoing certification, operating out of our new location in Spain. We will post more pictures and video as we have time to compile them.

Some pics of the ship flying the certification. We will complete this process with the Rotax 914 engine.

The next certification effort, which should go pretty quickly, will be with another engine. Right now we are looking at the MWFly, either 130 or 150hp. We are leaning towards the 150hp though.

We will also be evaluating a number of propeller options, and we are hopeful to include either an in-flight adjustable or constant speed prop.

As an added extra for those wanting a retro-look for their PHENIX, we are looking at a radial engine option in the future.