Not sure if you guys and gals are following all the news on our Facebook page, so I decided to post some info on here.

We recently started a new Industrial Design project with a local university. The purpose of this, second project, is to explore some adaptive flight controls and assistive devices for disabled pilots. This will include a folding wheelchair and stowage in addition to the adaptive flight controls.

We are running this project in co-operation with a non-profit company that I am founding called 'The Adaptive Flight Foundation'. Apart from the (auto)gyro(copter/plane);) project we are also researching an off-road paragliding wheelchair. This obviously to help disabled veterans and other folks enjoy the sport of paragliding.

BUT, our first collaborative project with this particular school has come to an end and everybody involved learned a great deal, and we ended up with some very cool ideas and new designs for Phenix gear.

I'll be posting some pictures over time. Feel free to ask questions, critique, lol and contribute with your own sketched and doodles.
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For the folks interested in the progress with the Phenix, here is a picture of the existing cockpit and control layout. I post this as a baseline for whats to come….


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Way ahead of you there FA. This is #002, our current demo and testing aircraft, all the instrumentation in it is from #001 the proof-of-concept ship.

Our line-up of 3 civilian models for the general aviation (GA) market and the Phenix LEO for the Law Enforcement market, will feature MGL iEFIS across the range.

Only the specific avionics abilities and add-ons will change in complexity for each model.

We are also re-designing the instrument panel to provide a distinct personality and feel for each model, from the Lite, the Xtra to the Luxe.
One of those 'elements' we are looking at keeping would be the 'cubby-hole' storage in the panel.

Pics to come...later.
Current cyclic stick and throttle lever layout. Brake is from Behringer for the disc brakes on the mains.

Note the red guarded switch on the panel: that's the pre-rotation system on/ off switch. Does a self-test to let you know if the system is good to operate.

Note red button on the throttle; that's the engagement switch for the pre-rotator.

Basic systems will stay the same, but the layout is going to change. Everything will be much more ergonomically laid out for better overall operation, flow and safety.

Again...pics to come.


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Fly Army

Looks nice. With that extended glare shield like that you could almost flat mount an iPad in there and then run WingX 7 with a Bluetooth AHARS and ADS B receiver without worrying about sun glare. You'd have the same amount of EFIS horsepower for cheaper.
Good idea, We do intend to have the option of mounting an iPad in the cockpit for whatever you want to use it for.

The triangular spaces on the outside of the panel are actually storage areas and we are considering putting an USB connection in there so you can charge your iPad or cellphone, camera etc.

On a different note, go check out our baseball cap designs on our Facebook page. Vote for your favorite one and you could win a Phenix cap of your own.
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We can do that... 100% sure-win lottery tickets start at only $90,000 :plane:

In the meantime, vote for a cap design and maybe get it (the cap that is) ... for free :)
Phenix LUXE cabin

Phenix LUXE cabin

Here is another mouthwatering teaser for the LUXE.

This is one of the color combinations we are looking at offering. Top of panel could be a nice saddle leather and the rest of the panel and seat covers in a softer leather.

Sure to have that new Phenix smell :D

Fly Army

I'm sure their are some that would be willing to pay extra for that look but it doesn't really do anything for me. I guess I'm into more of a lightweight utilitarian kind of look for a gyro.
We each have our personal preferences, nothing wrong with that. So for your tastes you might like the LITE a bit better than the LUXE.

The LITE will have a more utilitarian interior that will be painted instead of upholstered with carpet and leather like the LUXE.

The XTRA will have a different look than the entry level or the luxury level Phenix. It will be geared more towards a sporty feel. There will be more carbon fiber elements visible for that 'performance sportscar' feel.

Whatever your taste, we have a Phenix for you.

I should have a rendering of the LITE and the XTRA in a week or so...stand by for that...
Updated information on the website, go take a look! We have many more pictures and rendering of the Phenix models on there.