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Oct 30, 2003
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(The following is copied from the latest e-mail bulletin to our chapter e-mail list. - PWP)

Dear Rotorcraft Enthusiast,

We had great fun January 8 with our live online meeting and the webinar on the HoneyBee G2 featuring Jim Fields, and he was generous with his time to answer questions afterward.

If you missed it, here are two recommendations:

(1) Watch the January meeting and webinar, split into two separate videos, using links on the home page at www.utahrotorcraft.org.

(2) Don't miss the next one! Join us from anywhere using a computer and broadband internet connections. On February 12, following a brief business meeting, Larry Neal of The Butterfly LLC will give us details on his plans to bring back training for ultralight gyroplane customers using a boom trainer, towed behind a car or truck. Larry's trainers will differ in two ways from those of old. First, they'll be single-seaters, with the instructor in the tow vehicle on an intercom. Second, the boom will be hinged in all three axes at the glider end, allowing more freedom for the student to exercise cyclic control. Be ready with your questions.

For those of you who can't frequently attend our meetings, try to make this online one. It may be the last we hold on the internet until Fall.

The URA website just got its first makeover in a while. In addition to direct links to webinar archives from most pages, there's a new "Live Meeting" link. This is a greatly simplified way to join online meetings and webinars, starting with the February 12 session. Just click the link a few minutes before meeting time, enter your real name and location (no screen aliases, please) and other requested info, and you'll see and hear the session entirely through your computer, with no separate telephone connection needed. Questions, motions and votes will all be handled via keyboard. There are now 150 online "seats" available!

The Popular Rotorcraft Association will continue free access, regardless of membership, for its new Rotorcraft E-Zine for at least one more issue this month. Rotorcraft is now an electronic magazine, nominally 16 pages monthly. You can subscribe using this link, and will continue to receive at least a periodic e-mail even if the full magazine is eventually restricted to member access only. The December 2010 and January 2011 issues are available for immediate download by clicking the "Magazine" button near the top of the new home page at www.pra.org.

Of course, the latest edition of Western Rotorcraft, our regional newsletter which now pools content from six PRA chapters here in the west, is always accessible as a PDF file using a link on the home page at www.utahrotorcraft.org. Members can still find high-resolution PDF copies, along with a keywork-searchable index and archive of all issues, on the Members Only page of the website.

URA President Doug Barker is again planning carpools to major rotorcraft events in 2011, including Bensen Days in Florida. Contact him for details at: [email protected]

There's also a plan afoot to get a group together for joint ownership of a single-place gyroplane based in the Salt Lake area. Check back with us often in 2011 for details.

It's a new year. Plan to join us! Building a flying machine costs money. But feeding the dream is free!