Unanticipated Joy!


Once again, you tell a story that touches my heart. This time I asked Cathy to read it, as I wanted her to share the experience of your way of describing events in your life.

You seem to attract special people to you, rather like a moth is attracted to a flame. I'm in awe of that ability, and still can't figure out how someone who crosses your path knows it's important for them to interact with you, i.e., Dale and his grandson.

Cathy said it best, if you are looking for someone to help you write your book, she thinks Rob(Dane's father) would be a great choice. Rob's use of the run-on wording to describe Dane's talking about his experience was the perfect way of helping readers feel the reality of Dane and Rob's interaction.

It sounds like Dane's family is full of truly memorable individuals just like you.

Thanks for brightening our really cold, dreary day!!
Emotional Connection!

Emotional Connection!

Thank you Mark, I love it when I can evoke emotions in my friends.

You and Cathy are a good example of the wonderful people I stumble across.

Cathy understands the challenges I manage better than most and you are always a treat with your open mind and positive attitude.

You both seem to float through life unruffled and minimize the natural disruptions.

I feel fortunate to interact with such wonderful people.

A agree; Rob has a wonderful way of expressing himself himself with an economy of words. I could learn a lot from him.

Ed and I are looking for all the help we can get with the book. Ed feels on unfamiliar ground and I am haunted by my inexperience.

When I find a publisher he will probably want to pick an Editor because of my inexperience as a writer.

Ed will probably fight any changes because she loves me the way I am.

Thank you, Vance
Way to make the world a better place Vance!!!!!!

Thanks for being you!
Way to go Vance!

Dane will always remember his flight in your gyroplane. Just wait for the day when you ask permission to approach him and his helo after he becomes an Army Aviator.

Rob, don't ever let that love for all things aviation in Dane die. Do all that you can to continue to let the fire within him burn. American needs him as a future aviator. Ask Dane if he would like to get involve with the Civil Air Patrol, Aviation Explorers, the EAA Young Eagles program. All great programs for a young person to learn and experience aviation up close.

In the mean time, Dane has found a new friend life long in Vance.