Ultralight folding gyro from Russia.


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You could well be right there Georgi. But going by the landing it did seem to be the lowest point on the tail and closest to contact with the ground


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sorry for bumping this old thread.
I am looking for a video of how this gyroplane folded.

It seems, some of the videos have been removed.



Yamaha gyro...Oregon, USA
Kai: I also was most curious to see how it worked to be reduced to such a small bundle on their small trailer. I wrote on their Russian language forum asking for info as to it's construction. No reply. Whether it was a language barrier, or the guy(s) involved wanted to share their innovation. Possibly they had the idea toward production/sales, hence the lack of response.

Read somewhere that it was destroyed in a crash, and, that it wasn't the first time.


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Hello Vance,

thanks a lot, that is exactly what I was looking for.
I could not find my own question, when looking into "latest activities".
How did you find it?