Two-place 114HP Rotax Aviomania G2Sa true CLT with torque roll control for only $41,000 delivered in the USA. WOW!


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Apr 21, 2008
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Full disclosure: I have my Aviomana USA agent hat on. Not my PRA hat or my personal Greek fisherman's hat.

When Nicolas first offered the lightweight nimble Aviomania line to the USA, Chuck Beaty saw it and posted on the forum "this is the only modern gyroplane manufacture following all of Juan De Cerva stability criteria"

Chuck always get my attention but being a bit of a perfectionist I wanted the most stable gyroplane on the market today.

I am so excited to announce Nicolas as created a 114HP G2, two-place "Duo" using a reliable Rotax engine delivered to a US port for only $41,000.

How? We are overhauling 912's with oversized cylinders increasing horsepower to 114 ponies to the prop!

I'd been trying to talk him into a Yamaha engine to reduce the price and he wrote.
I can sell a G2sA with a top end OVERHAULED 912 oversized cylinder engine producing 114HP (real HP on the prop) which will outperform the same gyroplane with YAMAHA and will be more reliable for the 41K US$ delivered in a US port!!!!! And… I do not use cheap stainless steel frame cheap wires extruded rotors (with life limit) and everything that is used on our aircraft is aviation grade!!!!
So…….. why buy a HEAVY gyro with used Yamaha… when you can get a lighter, safer, better gyro with overhauled AIRCRAFT engine for the same price!!!!!

And then this.. our new pricing.
So prices for G2sA “Genesis Duo” with TOP END overhauled engines:
1. 114HP Rotax 912 (EDGE PERFORMANCE oversized pistons cylinders): 41K US$ including sea freight to USA port
2. 100 HP Rotax 912 top end overhauled engine: 38.5K US$ including sea freight to USA port

To end overhauled means that pistons, rings are new, cylinder heads are overhauled, carbs are overhauled, and all seals, hoses, O-rings are new.
We can also in some occasions find used Rotax engines, and sell them with the gyro for 39-43K.